United Mercantile Front

The United Mercantile Front was founded by Hairathien Thrilmandril and Boltdale Thermamonger in ____. The guild began it rise to power after its founders stumbled across an abandoned treasure fleet comprised of gnomish, dwarven, human and elven ships, carrying treasure beyond compared. Obviously a forgotten shipwreck that was never touched. The duo along with the other teenagers from their hometown took the shipwreck as their home.


After the newly formed guild used some of the cargo as a way of gaining money for a simple fleet of ships and caravans to begin to a mass a fortune. They first made it more homely adding a kitchen and library as well as lots of storage for what would be their treasury.



It functioned as both their home and their guild, gaining fortune and fame whilst telling tails of their exploits to foreign lands. The guilds original founder was thrown out after a major deal was done to secure the future of the guild. Apart from a hidden storage room underneath the ship housing many treasure and exotic items collected and traded by Hairathien himself , the majority is now in a guild hall in the human capital of ____

United Mercantile Front

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