Urskan is a massive mountainous and hilly region stretching from Hildragr and Sylvania to the South, Tol Bay and Landes to the North, and The Hinterlands to the West. Urskan has one Sub-Region, Urskan Bay (also called the Sea of Urskan)

Urskan is a mainly Dwarven land occupied by the Ethnic Urskan peoples. Unlike other Dwarves, the Urskan are well known Seafarers, Agrarians, and Industrialists, however they are not exceptional masters at these professions.

Urskan stands as the Crosswords for trade coming from the North ( Lendoria, Reach, Hollow, Etc) and Akeroth to the south. Because of this the Urskan are very protective of their land, and typically have the roads cleared and patrolled on a daily basis. Because of Urskans’ proclivity towards trade, the Urskan themselves have become highly welcoming towards outsiders, however, they are equally suspicious as they are welcoming.

Like the other Dwarves the Urskan have several large cities underground, however, the majority of their population is cloistered on the surface in either the coastal cities or among the various agrarian communities. The Urskan worship Moradin, but rarely do they ascribe to the Clan-Caste system (as the system is for setup for Dwarven city-states that are underground), this Liberalness has put them at odds with the Dwarves of Olfgar, however, they maintain good relations with the Hildragr (who they sometimes intermix with). The Urskan retain excellent relations with the Elves of Sylvania and act as one of Sylvanias’ largest trade partners.

Urskan is quite notable for the fact that it has some of the safest roads in all of Akeroth (both Akeroth and Kul’Adar), this is due to the constant trade that moves from the North, through Urskan and into the South. With all the trade that moves through (and thus the taxes) the Urskan have committed to keeping their land and roads safe (thus ensuring continued trade, and thus continued taxes). To keep the roads safe the Confederation of Urskan has created many patrols and posts which throughout the day patrols, clears, and repairs the roads keeping trade afloat.


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