Varrangoin Culture

The Varrangoin are traditionally reputed to be the “River Peoples” of Andhilia, however, unlike the Andhils the Varrangoin only arrived in the Basin sometime during the 7th Apocalypse. The Varrangoin are racially Humans and appear to have no mixed blood, but they are still considered to be Other Men. Like most Humans they remain visibly similar to generic Human archetype, except in the fact they are all olive skinned, have black hair, and green eyes.

The Varrangoin worship the waterways themselves, and besides that very little is known of their religious or cultural beliefs.

A deep ethnic strife exists between the Andhils and Varrangoin, as the Andhils consider all Varrangoin to be the epitomize of the “River Pirate” peoples, and it is because of this that the Andhils routinely discriminate against the Varrangoin.

The only accepted group of Varrangoin, appear to be The Ferrymen of Arkangelsk who have created for themselves an enterprise by ferrying people from Arkangelsk to their Port, The Crossing

The Varrangoin are known for their bravery, and sheer ferocity which has lead many people to despise them, specifically the river pirates who normally accost travelers and villagers among the rivers.

While the Varrangoin are not of Dwarven descent they have seemingly adopted the linguistical customs of the Andhils, resulting in the creation of the Varrangoin language, which stands distinctive from Andhilic, and many native Varrangoin speakers have a thick accent when they speak Andhilic.

Since the Purge and the Burning of the Crossing the Varrangoin have become refugees and sought refuge in Drybone Valley with the Nordrejur and the Hell’s Vanguard. Here in Drybone Valley Sigfraed (who has always held respect amongst his people) swore an Oath of Fealty to Edrin and the Hell’s Vanguard causing the Varrangoin to join him (the Nordrejur would join soon afterward). When the Party, Edrin, and Sigfraed left for Ansurin and later Sarnath, Drybone Valley was overrun by the Undead Host (originating due to the Nordrejur Plague) and all the peoples in Drybone Valley were forced to flee Southward ultimately relocating to Bastion in Shuranti.

The Varrangoin Culture (In terms of Culture, pronunciation, and names) can be paralleled with the Norman culture of our world.

Varrangoin Culture

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