Classification: Mageocratic Council
Ruler(s): The High Council of the Order of High Sorcery
Population: 14 Million (50 million in 20 mile radius from city centre)
Race: Human
Languages: Common

Vingaard is the Capital and largest city in Theramore ( Shuranti), as well as housing the first and most important Tower of High Sorcery. Vingaard is built on the hills in Northeastern Theramore and rests in between the mountains of Val and Bastion and the Lowlands near the Swamp Proper.

Vingaard was built in 1A during the Battle for Akeroth in the region of Shuranti. When Man arrived into this swampy and rugged terrain, no other civilized life inhabited this region and Man would take the whole of Shuranti for themselves.

Vingaard has been the home of numerous Magical institutions, eventually leading to the establishment of the Order of High Sorcery and the building of the Towers of High Sorcery throughout Akeroth and Kul’Adar. Because of Theramore’s (and therefore Vingaard’s) Magical reputation, Mages have ruled this land for time immemorial.

Vingaard is the Capital of Theramore and therefore the Capital of the Shuranti Alliance (an Alliance between Thereamore, Val, Bastion, and the Trade Republic of Moloch).

Vingaard is a massive city that houses Millions of inhabitants, and sits on a major trade route.



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