The endless fields of Westfall occupy a space of several hundred miles, and here among the fields stand its people. Westfall is an Alliance of City-States formed together to ensure grain prices would not fluctuate, this cooperative economic model has made Westfall quite rich for its Agrarian background.

At the end of the Mythic Era Westfall was owned by the Orcs, but when Man arrived in Akeroth off the coast of Elwynn, man quickly pushed forth and forced the Orcs back into the mountains of Orcanum. Most of the people in Westfall are First Men, however, in the East the Daan people are not first men and are very closely related to the Dargoi of Loch Modain. Westfall is compromised mostly of small Agrarian communities, however, among the fields one will find the many Barony forts that act as local capitals. The Capital of Westfall is Sentinels’ Hill.

Westfall is bordered by Redridge to the Northeast, Elwynn to the Southeast, Orcanum to the East, the Falmar to the North, Lous to the Northwest, Evermare to the West and the Deep Jungles to the South.

Westfall is a producer of many steeple crops, such as wheat, oats, potatoes, etc; because of Westfalls’ importance for the people of many nations it has been the target of numerous conquests. The constant warfare caused by its position in between Avaros, Lous, Redridge and Elwynn caused a precarious situation and ultimately led to the formation of the Alliance in 11A.

While the majority of the people is Westfall worship Pellor (and are thus subservient to the High Seat, at the High Clerists Tower in Avaros), many of the rural populace also worship a figure known as the Wickerman. This synchronicity of the two religions has been going on for quite sometime, however, it was not condoned by the Order of the Holy Sepulcher until 10A, when Lordsport requested to have the High Seat returned to its ancestral place. While Lordsport was denied this right, they (along with every kingdom) were (and are) allowed to appoint their own Sept and integrate traditional folk beliefs into the region.

In 11A, following the Grain Riots (which affected many regions and nations) the Republics of Redridge attacked the Eastern Portion of Westfall, seizing the Daan’s Lands. After the Republics attacked Westfall the many Barons came together at Sentinel Hill forming the Sentinel Hill Alliance and using their combined forces to push back the Republics mercenaries. As the newly formed Alliance was occupied in the East, in the West the Lousin invaded looting villages and carrying back basic supplies such as wheat, flour, and corn; at the same time that the Lousin attacked the West, the Kingdoms of Elwynn made their attack.

Elwynn, due to its large population suffered from the Riots, for far longer then any other region affected by the famine, because of this it took the Kingdoms of Elwynn almost a year and a half to regain control of the cities and gather an army to go against Westfall. After the kingdoms of Elwynn had reformed their armies and made their attack against Westfall.

With the capitulation of the Redridge Republics, the combined forces of the Alliance were able to move Eastward to combat the new threat of the Lousin, however, as the Alliance troops reached the new Capital of Sentinel Hill, the Kingdoms of Elwynn entered into the conflict. The Kingdoms of Elwynn (specifically the Kythric), used their blood ties to the native Kythric of Westfall convincing them to join the Kingdoms of Elwynn in their conquest of Westfall, while the Westfallen Kythric originally refused, the idea of ethnic unity with the Elwynn Kythric forced many of the Westfallen Kythric to join the Elwynnian Conquest.

The Alliance troops now embattled on two fronts (the South and West) faced a near overwhelming enemy. This dual-fronted war lasted for four years with the Alliance troops being able to hold control of most Westfallen and Daan Lands (where the majority of farming took place). Around the four year mark of Elwynn and Lous’s entrance into the war, the Strain from a lack of food resulted in a cease-fire culminating into the Sentinel Hill Accord, ending the conflict and permanently establishing the Sentinel Hill Alliance as not only a military treaty, but as a nation, and merchant association..

Since The Witch-King of Falmar took control of the Undead Host in 16A, many of the Baklunish that live on the Northern coast have slowly migrated Southward as the possibility of attack has continually increased ever since the High Council of the Alliance has refused to pay the Witch Kings tribute.

Cultures: Westfallen, Baklunish, Kythric, Daan

Languages: Common, Lorossian, Baklunish, Daan

Westfall with the Mountains of Orcanum in the Background.

Cities within Westfall:

Sentinel Hill | Northport | Kythra | Daangarde | Many small baronies and villages amongst the fields.


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