Zandil stands North of Dun Morgaine, East of Sylvania, and North-East of Loch Modain, North of Zandil lay the Sylvan Bay, it is also the Homeland of the Trolls.

Zandil is several hundred square miles and stands as a unified empire ruled by a Voodoo King-Priest who rules all of Troll-kind, however, a division has formed as The Witch-King of Falmar has usurped the role of King-Priest of the trolls (though most in Zandil view their King-Priest as the true king-Priest).

Zandil is said to be made from the ruins of a once great Troll empire, however, with few entering, and even fewer returning from Zandil, no true knowledge is known of what lay in Zandil itself. From the outside of Zandil one can see many wind-scarred hills that separate Zandil from Sylvania, Loch Modain, and Dun Morgaine.

From these hills the Trolls descend every spring and attack the farmers and traders making their way from Sylvania through the Loch and into Dun Morgaine (probably towards Wavereath).


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