Classification: Empire
Ruler: Warchief Grommash Horse-Eater
Capital: New Stonemaul Keep
Culture: Brachaslavian, Abstran, Dwarven, Quintellexi, Huralic, Rozzarian, Dalen
Languages: Common, Orcish, Dwarven, Elven, High Rozzarian, Bracha
Population: Approximately 1.2 Billion
Currency: Zeth’Kuri

Zeth’Kur is a large empire located in middle Steppess. Zeth’Kur is located North of the Midlor Lands, East of the World’s End, South of the Quintellexi Sea (across from Vash-Ka’Rat and Quintellex), and West of Carsi.


Zeth’Kurs’ history begins long before the establishment of the empire at the start of 15A. The foundations of the empire were set in 8A43, when the Siege of the Dragongate was ended and the forces of Man slaughtered the Orcs of Lok’Tars’ Orcanum (again). In an effort to preserve themselves, dozens of Tribes and Clans left Orcanum and set out to find a new land to settle. The Orcs traveled from land to land and were rejected, and thus the Orcs were forced to resort to raiding to preserve themselves, and as they raided the reputation they had garnished after the Burning of Evermare in 7A, proved true.

The Orcish clans became more uncivilized, and “settled” in a number of places, one of these being the hills of Andurin in Steppess. The Orcs that entered Steppes took over the abandoned Fort Andurin and used it as a base of operations to launch raids against the Free Cities and Port Balifor, and in over the course of two centuries the people of the Free Cities had capitulated to their fate.

After the Free Cities had capitulated and the Orcs turned their eyes Southward to the Rozzarian province of Adrus, and just as the commanders of Rozzaria had predicted the Orcs moved Southwards. Savagely the Orcs slaughtered, raped, and raided the Rozzarians of Ardus, and ultimately a decision was made; it would be in 10A24 that the Emperor of Rozzaria (Tamith Rozzar IX) commanded Archmage Magnus Goldmoon (Grandmaster of the Tower of High Sorcery in Rozzaria) of the Order of High Sorcery to use his powers and shape the earth into a massive wall keeping the Orcs from the rest of Rozzaria. Archmage Magnus objected, however, after being commanded to do so by Boccob he did it, however, by constructing the Wall he kept the Orcs out, but also sealed off an area to allow the orcs to raid (and thus not try to come over the wall).

The system that was created worked for many years until the half-orc Cleric Krusk Stonemaul, half-brother to the Warchief Grummash Stonemaul had a prophetic vision that together He, his brother, and 3 strangers would unify the Orcs, and cause them to ascend back to civilization. Krusk left the Hills of Andurin, and went to Brachaslavia where he meet the three. The first an Elven fighter named Legalos, the second a Elven ranger named Seraph, and the third a Gnomish bard named Melkorus. Together the four of them acted as mercenaries, until ultimately they made their way back to the Hills of Andurin, where Krusk presented them to his brother.

In the time since Krusk had left, Grummash had unified the Orcs solidly under him, and had their warriors at his ready. With Krusks prophecy coming true, Grummash sent his troops northward past Port Balifor, and quickly over the Than’Dol Span, and into the Grand City of Rozzaria itself. Other Orcs working with goblin engineers went southward, and blew a hole through the wall, and began pouring through. Within three months the Whole of Rozzaria, Brachaslavia, the Abastra Tribal Lands, the Free Dwarven cities, and the Blacklands of Uviriths Grave had all fallen unto the Orcs. It would be in 15A2 that Zeth’Kur would be founded, and its elected Warchief became Grummash Stonemaul.

The Empire of Zeth’Kur is a relatively recent nation, gracing the face of Akeroth after the downfall of the Empire of Rozzaria, and the absorption of Brachaslavia, Abastra, the Blacklands, Dwarven Free Cities, and Port Balifor into this growing empire.

In the years following the foundation of Zeth’Kur massive changes came to the Orcs as a whole. The Orcish Religion was formalized, and a Clergy was created by the Prophet Krusk, the Orcish Alphabet was fully revised and has since become its own script (Zeth’Kuri), and the Orcs began the transition from Nomadic Raiders to settled people. Mass settlings happened as tens of thousands of Orcs were moved from the Hills of Andurin further into the Interior of the new Empire.

Since the foundation of the Empire, Zeth’Kur has become an Economic Powerhouse in the Region ( Steppess), competing financially with Regeloth, Astravia, and Theramore.

Today Zeth’Kur stands as one of the most democratic and peaceful nations in all of Akeroth; Zeth’Kur is the largest country that uses direct democracy to elect representative leaders (chiefs, mayors, governors, etc.), and because of this Zeth’Kur is well represented by the peoples that live in their respective area (Human dominate areas have human reps, while Orcish dominated areas have Orcish reps, etc.).

The Provinces of Zeth’Kur are as followed;

Davos (Dwarven Free Cities and Islands)
Brachaslavia (former Kingdom of Brachaslavia)
Abastra (Goblin Tribal Lands)
Blaklan (Blacklands)
Rorzen (former Rozzaria)
Orgrimmar (Prov. Dist., former Rozzaria Proper)
Andurin (Free Cities, Port Balifor, and Andurin Mts.)
Plyn (Plains South of the Wall)
Razor Hill (Central lands between Plyn to the East, Dalen to the West, and New Stonemaul Keep to the North)
Dalen (Southwestern Coastal Area)
Oasis (Land of the former Red Sands)
New Stonemaul Keep (Prov. Dist., Capital of Zeth’Kur, New City)


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