The God-King of Avaria


Prior to Avar’s ascension to Divinity in 12A, he was the King-Priest of Ishtar. Due to the sheer corruption of the Ishtarins, the Deities judged Ishtar and found that only Avar was pure, so in a bid to prevent the spreading of the Ishtarin corruption the Deities hurled a fiery mountain upon Ishtar destroying it completely and turning everything North of the Vankin Mountains into The Desolation.

Avar was ascended into Divinity when Ishtar was destroyed and this allowed him to travel south and end the Crusades that had been raging for hundreds of years in The Scarred Lands (due to the 11th Apocalypse where The Crimson King reclaimed his throne and Mantle from Ishar, the Ebon King). Avar’s actions fulfilled a prophecy that the Thorossians of Thorossia, on Throssos (now Avaria on Avaros) had which caused them to accept Avar as their messianic God-King.

After Avar’s ascension onto the throne of Thorossia (now Avaria) he beame very isolationist and in 13A when an outbreak of the Dread Plague appeared in Atar (in the southern portion of Avaros), Avar did nothing. In fact since Avar’s ascension onto the throne, no one except the Priest-Lords of Avaria have seen him, and many now wonder if Avar existed at all.



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