Hairathien Thrilmandril


Swashbuckler – Rouge/Sailor

Race: Human
Weight: 106 lbs
Eyes: Heterochromia – Left Eye: Steel Grey Right Eye: Azure Blue
Hair: Long flowing grey hair falling down to the middle of the back
Build: Muscular and Nimble.
Clothing: Captain’s Attire for non-other than a captain – Red high cut jacket with multiple hidden pockets, with a clean white undershirt -exemplary of any naval person. strapped to the hip is a metal flask full to the brim of liquor. A red and blue cloak with gold trim, Hardened leather boots, imbued with fire runes causing footprints of fire in my wake, and Leather gloves along with blue draw string pants (Targeted by thieves for the expensive looking attire).
Personal Treasures: Rapier made by the master blacksmith and technological gnome aboard my Sea-faring vessel the Hunt-master’s Clutch.
Mark: Deep scar cutting down the left eye
Deity: Olidammara
Starting Gold: 140gp
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Backstory: Born into a family where he would succeeded his and become the next earl of his territory. His father was of Ishtari origin and mother of Shuranti origin, Merchants by trade and militarists by practise and oath to the king, his parents offered him all that they could, teaching him about merchant life, the way of the sword and how to manage the territory when his father would inevitably pass into the next life (2 Misc Bonus to Appraise, Spot and Diplomacy and a -2 Misc Penalty to Gather Information, Forgery and Intimidate). During his swordsmanship classes, taught by his father, he found the cloak and dagger approach more to his style (2 Misc Bonus to Single Handed Weapons and unarmed and -2 Penalty Bonus to Two Handed Weapons), reminding him of how easily he could sneak up and scare anyone in the village, then due to this his father showed him the family’s duelling rapier imbued with some unknown magic, he was eager to learn more about the rapier( Starting Weapon Proficiency in Rapiers). Over the years, he gained a good reputation with all of the townsfolk, often visiting them to help with the harvest or play with the children(+1 Charisma checks). During this time his father introduced him to the secluded gnomish blacksmith and tinkerer Bolton Thermamonger, and his son Boltdale Thermamonger. the two children started off apposed to the other presence but in time became best friends, later ‘Bolt’ as he was know, was to become Hairathien’s first mate.

This all changed when the Duke of the region took offence to the passive nature of the Thrimandril house, he declared war upon the territory and brought his armies into the territory, killing townsfolk and the local militia alike. He managed to escape the area with his friend Boltdale and several of the other teenagers. They went on to found the merchant guild; the United Mercantile Front. As the group grew and the guild grew in numbers, with their ever so diplomatic and sneaky leader, Hairathien or Rythian as he is more commonly know bearing the nickname, Rythian of the Seas. During his years where he should have been attending University as an Earl’s son, instead he learnt the arts of duel wielding, wielding his trusty rapier and kukri until they were lost to the seas, whilst in a fight against pirates aboard his vessel the Hunt-master’s Clutch. After all was done the goods were safely secured at their warehouse along the dock until the rest of the guild came in. Once his friends now enemies, cast aside due to how kind and selfless he was. whilst in a fight he was cut down his left eye and needed to retreat(Back stabbed – Flaw – Weary/Cautious).

He can now be found whittling away his last coin in the taverns and inns. He needs to find his purpose in life, but all seems lost, even his memory…(As he gets more levels, his memory begins to comeback.)

1. Reclaim his memory
2. Reclaim his lost vessel
3. Find his calling in life.
4. Kill all those who were once his friend and banished them from their miserable life.

Hairathien Thrilmandril

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