Ishar, the Ebon King

Ebon King


Ishar was a Paladin of Pellor, who in 1A (near the end of the Battle for Akeroth) slew the Crimson King in single combat (after breaching the Ebon Hold and battling his way through with his comrades). With the Banishment of the Crimson King from the Material Plane the Undead Host became ever more ravenous as it had no one to guide its hunger, so Ishar donned the Mantle of the Crimson King and assumed the role of the Ebon King. Ishar would then freeze himself in the Ebon Citadel located deep below the Ebon Hold to keep the Undead Host in a stasis..

In 5A the Crimson King using trickery against the Alatians was able to take control of the Ebon Kings mind and was able to use the Undead Host as a tool of destruction. The Crimson King with the power of the Mantle sends the Undead Host Southward towards Garem; as the Host made its way Southward the Host infected the very ground where they walked with the Dread Plague causing the formation of the Dead Scar. During the Hosts Southward march as they destroyed all in their way a group of Humans came together and formed the Cult of Damnation to assist the Host, the Crimson King, and ultimately Nerull.

The Host and the Cult marched Southward destroying all in their way and forming the Dead Scar, eventually reaching the Falmar. Once at the Falmar the Host entered into the water and reached shore on the other side as the Cultists boated over. Here across the Falmar lay Garem and within this verident paradise stood the Beacon of Light; with the Host approached the defenders of Garem came together to do all they could to protect the Kender of Garem, and more importantly the Beacon of Light. While the defenders of Garem fought bravely and valiantly they were all slain and the Kender were forced from Garem in a great exodus (they would eventually settle in Kenderholm, Steppess).

With the defenders of Garem dispatched all that stood before the Host and its goal were the defenders of the Beacon, Paladin, Clerics, Favored Souls all of which stood against the Host. The Battle for the Beacon was an intense one, however, with the death of each defender yet another soldier joined the ever burgeoning Host; ultimately in due time the last defender fell and with that the Beacon exploded in an expulsion of Divine energy (forcing the Deities from Akeroth).

The Crimson King would be defeated when the Alatians sacrificed themselves en masse in hopes of saving the world. Thankfully the Alatians sacrifice was accepted and the Crimson King was banished temporarily from the Material Plane, allowing Ishar to reassert control over the Host.

Ishar’s burden would continue until 11A when the Crimson King retook the Ebon Hold seizing the Mantle from his frozen body and finally ending Ishar’s burden of maintaining The Undead Host. With the death of Ishar and the true return of the Crimson King would cause the Crusades to begin.


Ishar, the Ebon King

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