The Witch-King of Falmar

Witch King of Falmar, Lord of Undeath, Scourage of Avaros


Near the end of 15A the Trolls of the Hills of Eastern Avaros descended down upon the plains and conquered a vast area just North of the Black Wall and the Atarin Plaguelands. During the rise of Immortan Ser’Kars’ rise a Troll Witch-Doctor using the power of the Magic of Vodun was able to break the barrier between life and death.

During this same time a group of Adventurers were making there way through the plains as the Trolls began to sweep southward conquering the petty tribes of the Stone Plains (Eastern Avaros). Fleeing the Trolls this group made their way to the Black Wall, where they accidentally collapsed it, allowing the Plague to slowly seep out of the Plaguelands and into the Stone Plains.

As the Plague encroached forward the Trolls began to flee Northward from their newly claimed lands. It was during this event that the Witch-King of Falmar rose, and from using the Magic he had discovered, the Witch-King took control of the Undead Host located in Avaros and overthrew Immortan Ser’Kar. From the time the Witch-King took control of the Undead Host, he began to exact tribute from the surrounding Kingdoms in Avaros (except Avaria), and even as far away as Westfall. Since this time, many have recorded this as an Apocalypse marking it as the 16th

Beyond the story that most know, little is truly known of the Witch-King save for the fact that he is the Witch-King of Falmar, and the Scourge of Avaros.

The Witch-King of Falmar

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