Academia is the original Magical institute built in Vingaard, Theramore, Shuranti.


The Academia was originally built sometime during 1A, possibly during the Warring Times. The Academia was founded to help facilitate the proper use of Magic among the more magically inclined Shuran and to continue on research in the field of Magic to reach ever greater heights.

Originally the Academia was intended for young adults to harness and adapt their pre-existing magical abilities, however, as the bureaucracy of the Academia expanded so to did its duties. The Academia originally trained all Magic users in Theramore until 10A when Boccob (a student of the Academia) established both the Towers and Order of High Sorcery as well as the Shuranti Alliance.

After the Founding of the Towers of High Sorcery the mission of the Academia changed from training adults to taking on the training of children to ultimately prepare them to take the Test of High Sorcery and join the Order proper. The Academia has also taken on the role of going out and finding all magically inclined children and bringing them to the Academia and providing the child’s’ village with a stipend (as per the Shuranti Agreement).

During the Sorcerer Wars Vingaard using the power and prestige of the Academia was able to subdue the many other Sorcerer Kings of Theramore and unify all of Theramore together under a single all-powerful High Sorcerer King.

Today the Academia stands as the oldest Magical institution recorded during the Age of Man and also acts as a museum and library containing untold precious artifacts.



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