Alatia (Play)


Narrator: Ages ago far to the south stood Alatia the Jewel of Civilization, that rested upon the cusp of the heavens and the sea. Strange was Alatia for here the Mage-Priests ruled, their word Law backed by the Deities and their Magic.

Act 1, Scene 1;

[Scene opens: A circular room hosting seven stone-like thrones, each draped in purple. The room rests upon the top of a large tower overlooking the glorious city of Alatia. From the window a large encampment can be seen from across the bay, and egregious sounds of mockery echo across the waters. 8 Black men occupy the room each donned in a magnificent blue robe. The men are arguing]

Balnazaar: My Brothers, Stop! Lend me your ears, and your eyes. Look across the waters, the Ogres sit in their encampment now, content while we starve in the city, but how soon will it be before they construct ships, and come for us? We must act, as their continued presence will only continue to breed strife, and disease amongst the peasantry.

Theron: What is your suggestions then Balnazaar? The deities have seemingly abandoned us, our magic has had no effect, the peasants are on the brink of revolution, and Alatia has not fielded an army in generations.

Balnazaar: There must be something that can be done to save us. Anything may be better then starving in the city and bringing shame upon our ancestors.

Anthimos: We will make another sacrifice, and pray that it will appease the deities.

Artaxes (Ar-Tax-ees): And of what do you expect will come of it, Anthimos? We have already sacrificed a thousand Helots, we cannot afford an even greater loss if the divines do not Answer.

Celtis: Gradually becomes more malevolent as he speaks The Circular logic we have adopted brings us no where. My brothers look to me, for I know the answer, late in late I have searched the repository for any answer as to save us from our agony, and in my search I have found this tome. (brings forth a book bound in black, and covered with horrific runes) This book, Mendacium ex Divinum, can be our salvation (adopts a grotesquely crooked smile)

Hiernos: Scoffs, then shudders slightly You know full well why our ancestors abandoned those magics, they have no merit to them.

Phylarch: It may be the only was Hiernos; I know you are not a military man, but you are a logistical man, and surely uou must understand the burden of out situation? If we do not try we will be faced with two options, starve or resort to cannibalism.

Anthimos: That is why we must perform another sacrifice! It is the only way we can be saved; have you all cowered in this tower so long that you have been blinded by your own arrogance. Have you truly forgotten? We are the Mage-Priests, we are the messengers of our own Destiny, our duty is not to ourselves, our magic, or our gods, it is to Alatia itself, and its survival is all we exist for.

Celtis: Crazed I agree. That is why we shall have another sacrifice, and it will be ever grander! The flock must be thinned to find the wolf amongst us!

[Celtis, Balnazaar, and Phylarch brandish daggers and attack Anthimos, Artaxes, and Hiernos. Theron and Dacius move to the edges of the room. As murders are carried out the three join together in a chant and are soon joined by Theron and Dacius. The five cover themselves in the blood of the fallen, and as their chanting becomes more and more frantic the curtain drops]

Act 1, Scene 2;

Narrator: Alatia has been under siege for three years. While the Alatians have been able to hold out, their supplies are dwindling. Among the Peasants Cannibalism has already set in, and soon everyone will starve.

[The Scene Opens to the Council from the first scene, however, it has been cleaned. Here Phylarch, Dacius, Celtis, Balnazaar, and Theron speak of the book]

Dacius: The Power of the book can save us, but what else must we do?

Celtis: We must wait, the messenger will come.

Theron: How can a messenger come? The city has been under siege for years, none can reach us.

Celtis: The messenger will come, and that is all we know and all we must know,

[A knock comes to the door]

Balnazaar: Enter!

[The Door opens and a servant enters, he immediately kneels as he reaches 10 ft, of the nearest Mage-Priest]

Phylarch: Why have you interrupted? Speak.

Servent: My lords there is a stranger at the gates.

[Dacius, Theron, Phylarch, and Balnazaar look stunned and amazed. Celtis maintains his composure]

Dacius: stutters An.. And, what of this stranger?

Servant: This stranger comes, and he claims to bear salvation. He wears a horrid mask, pallid and putrid like that of the dead. We asked him to unmask, but he refused, stutters he.. he said he wears no mask shudders

Theron: What do you mean by, he bears Salvation?

Servant: He.. he claims so my lord. He has come to bear salvation, and that is to be the message for you to understand.

Celtis: manically crazed The time has come then! Go, and fetch this stranger bring him before us.

[The servant gets up and scurries out of the room]

Phylarch: Celtis are you sure? I trust you, but is this truly the messenger?

Celtis: Of Course this is the messenger! Our doubt has brought him forth. He will bring us our salvation,

Theron: What does the book say? What will our salvation entail?

Celtis: Angry We shall know when the messenger arrives! Enough of your questions

[The Room falls silent for several minutes. An air of uneasiness, nervousness, tension, and anxiety wash over Balnazaar, Theron, Dacius, and Phylarch, Celtis remains in a crazed state. Abruptly a thundering knock will be at the door, and before any can answer the door is thrown open with a gust and a radiating purple light shines upon the five, blinding them as a white-grotesquely masked man in a black clock and outfit lurches onto the stage. As the door slowly closes the light dwindles down, and as it is closed the light completely dissipates. The five open their eyes and unshield themselves, coming to the look of astonishment. Celtis drops to his knees]

Celtis: crazed My lord, you have come! begins to sob Will you save us my lord?

Stranger: Monotone I am no Lord. I have come to bear you salvation. I have come to bring you truth.

Dacius: inquisitive How-in did you make it to the city, we have been under siege for years.

Stranger: Monotone I am the Phantom of Truth. I have come to bear Salvation. I have come to bring you truth. The Hour shall come soon. Truth will be wrought.

Celtis: Stands, and attempts to regain composure I have read this, and when the hour will come we shall rise to our prize, yes.

Stranger (Pot); Monotone Salvation shall be wrought. Bring me to the people so they may all learn. The Magic I bring is truth.

Balnazaar: Content If this is what must be done then we shall do it. We have invoked you to save us, so let us be saved.

[The Councilors all nod in agreement, and together with the Phantom they exit the stage to bring Truth to the masses]

Act 1, Scene 3;

Narrator: A great festival was called, one the people had not seen in ages, and all of Alatia was demanded to come. By force the starving masses came to look upon the last of themselves, however, as they arrived they saw no festival, only the Mage-Priests among them and the Phantom.

[Scene opens to a city centre, here elevated slightly above the crowd stands the Mage-Priests, and in front of them the Phantom. Lower on the set are dozens of peasants. They are hungry, cold, sick, and dying]

Phantom: Come Alatians and give yourself unto me, for I have brought salvation to be wrought upon you. Through me I shall save you from your crisis and protect you always, for the gift I bring you is truth! Truth shall be your weapon, and through that invention of war, your salvation shall be brought! Come oh Alatians, come to me.

[A crazy light show will happen demonstrating the psychic manipulation of the peasantry, this while happen midway through the fist soliloquy]

Alatia (Play)

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