Aurora was founded by General Haldf Yamor in 7A21 to serve as a regional military center.

Today it serves as a trade center, and major producer of finished metal products, and hosts a Magical University.

Rulers: Arch-Mage Faydor II, High Priest Aradel, Commander Inger.

Wealth: Below Average

Order of the Holy Sepulcher
-City Guard

Population: Approximately 70,000
87% Andhilic
7% Dwarves
6% Other

Districts: Aurora consists of seven districts.
-Fort: The Oldest section of Aurora, it served as and continues to serve as the center of military activity in the region.
-The Holy Sepulchral Church was built in 8A1 as the fort grew into a city.
-Residential: This area serves as the main residential section of the city.
-Bazaar: This area serves as the Market for both native traders and traveling merchants.
-Industry: This District houses the many foundries and smiths that have made Aurora famous through out Regeloth.
Manor District: This area houses the Mnaors of Aurora, many held by Merchants, Master Smiths, and High ranking members of any of the Cities Organizations.
The Arcanum: The Arcanum is a Magical University founded in 8A101; this sets the Arcanum apart from other Towers of High Sorcery in the fact that it acts primarily as a University, with the Tower serving as the Final Exam.


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