Black Wall

The Black Wall was a fortification magically built, after the outbreak of the Dread Plague in Atar ( Plaguelands).

The Wall was built by both the Dwarves of Fuldrin and the Mages of Akenox University, it took approximately 1 year to complete, in which time The Silver Hand, Scarlet Dawn, and Argent Twillight attempted to hold back the hordes of Undead. The Wall was completed using Dwarven Stone Working and Transumation Magic, to help shape sections and use the naturally existing mountains as an extra means of defence.

In 15A a group of Adventurers unwittedly collapsed a section of the wall causing the Plague to lurch towards the High Clerists Tower. This event gave the Voodoo Prtiest,now known as The Witch-King of Falmar, to take control of The Undead Host in Avaros, with the Host at his back the Witch-King has taken to subjecting neighboring kingdoms to tributes using both the plague and the host as a tool.

Today the Black Wall lays in tatters along the Northeastern section near the High Clerists Tower, however, it remains largely intact elsewhere, but this has not slowed the spread of the plague.

Black Wall

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