The Modron (Mode-rahn) are the Dwarves that occupy the region of Olfgar. The Modron are unique among Dwarven cultures, as among the three (Hildragr, Modron, Urskan) the Modron (also called Olfgarin by non-Dwarves) hold the Clan-Caste system established by Moradin (see Deities) as the rule of governance, because of this Olfgar is quite “backwards” in its ways.

The Modron are like other Dwarves physically, standing from 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall, weighing as much as a Human, and reaching adulthood around the age of 40, however, unlike the other Dwarves, the Modrons’ skin color is very pale (due to a life almost exclusively underground).

Personality: The Personality of the Modron is quite perplexing, as the Modron are not only standoffish towards strangers, but also isolationist, making it almost impossible for the Modron to create new relations or strengthen old ones. The Modron are also highly religious subscribing to the code of Moradin word-by-word; these beliefs have resulted in a Caste system, Slavery, Exilement, and Community. The Modron try to shy away from wanton greed as this Sin caused the 2nd Apocalypse (and thus has left a mark of shame upon all of the Modron, see Timeline). The Modron are well known for their punctuality and use of paper-work, because of this the Modron and Olfgar appear to be more of an Oligarchical Bureaucracy then a Confederated Kingdom.

Relations: The only people readily accepted into Olfgar are the Gnomes of Abados. While the Modron do receive trade from Westfall and Lous, the trade is highly regulated as once it reaches its first stop (Eastern Precipice or Dragonspine) it is taken over by Dwarves solely (as they use the Deep Roads), however, in Dragonspine the Gnomes may take some goods via Airship. The Modron view Gnomes well, Humans Suspiciously, Minotaurs were disdain, Elves disdainfully suspicious, and Trolls & Orcs with hatred.

The Modron speak the Dwarven Dialect of Modron (Moh-Drahn), which is intelligible to the other Dwarven Dialects (Urskan, Hildrgr, Andhillic), among much of the population Gnomish is also spoken, and in the cities of Darius’s Gate, Dragonspine, Hammerhold, and (especially) the Eastern Precipice, Common is spoke in a number of Dialects.

Religion: The High-Fathers


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