The Orcan are the Orcs who remained in Orcanum after the end of the Strife Wars, it would be these Orcs who would keep the bloodline of the Orcs “Pure” and maintain the Ancestral Lands of the Orcan Empire. The Tribes that remain within Orcanum and hold to the “Old Ways” and the Orcan culture are the Shattered Hand and Blackrock, both of which have black skin making them stand apart from their Orcish brethren.

The Orcan are an incredibly proud, vengeful, and ingenius people who have overcome numerous obstacles in their way to maintain their Ancestral Lands (which was turned to desolation during the Orc Wars of 1A) and meek out a simple living selling ore, becoming mercenaries, or raiding Kythric Villages (although raids have been reported as far as Dun Morgaine in the North and Westfall in the West). The Orcan speak Orcish, however, unlike their cousins the Zeth’Kuri they do not posses their own script and instead use the Dwarven script for their language.

The Orcan maintain their ancient shamanistic customs typically including sacrifices, feasts, dancing, music, chanting, and ancestor worship, while their worship and beliefs are considered barbaric or backwards their religion has a long and deep history stretching back well over ten thousand years.

The Orcans’ pride comes from maintaining a purity of race and holding their homeland continuously for several thousand years since the Strife Wars and the Diaspora; this Pride that they have has resulted in arrogance towards other Orcs and an emotion quite similar to pity even though these other Orcs may (and generally are) do(ing) much better.

The Orcan are relatively uniform in size and shape and are almost identical to the other Orcs spread throughout Akeroth save for their Black Skin color; this difference does make them noticeably distinct from their cousins.

The Orcan are similar to Hasidic Jews in terms of Customs, Culture, Language, and Belief.


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