Plaguelands (Avaros)

In Southwestern Akeroth stands the former empire of Atar (located in Avaros) which in 13A fell due to a resurgence of the Dread Plague. The exact cause of Plague’s spread is unknown still to this day, however, during this time the Region of Jarl also became infected and overrun with the Plague.

During 13A the Monk St. Cuthbert worked in the Plaguelands to help with the problem of the Undead, it was during his time here that he would become Martyred. During a mission to clear out an area of the Plaguelands, it was here that St. Cuthbert fought with the Plaguelord Antorex where the two ultimately killed each other. Because St. Cuthbert sacrificed himself to save his comrades he was martyred and his allies testified that when he died his soul rose up into the heavens (where he achieved Divinity).

Atar was once a prosperous semi-militant Theocracy, which is led by the Silver Hand. When the plague spread it consumed with such ferocity that almost all of the mainland was lost, save for six original occupation zones, however, near the end of 15A a group of adventurers inadvertently caused the plague to spread when they accidentally collapsed a section of the Black Wall.

With the Black Walls containment ended the plague moved outwards and was only contained again due to the proximity of the High Clerists Tower, however, due to the Trolls migrations and the formation of a Troll Empire the Clerics of the Tower could only due so much for the plague as they spent day in and out defending from the constant assaults by the Trolls of Immortan Zul’s Empire.

This cycle only ended when Immortan Zul was usurped by the Voodoo Priest, The Witch-King of Falmar, after he used nefarious Magic to take control of The Undead Host in Avaros. Gaining control of the Host the Witch-King was able to contain the Plague, but with this containment also came the usage of it as a tool to exact tribute from the many nations surrounding his empire (out of fear of the plague), but otherwise the Plague in Avaros has been effectively contained, as long as the Witch-King maintains control of the Host).

Plaguelands (Avaros)

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