The Rauric people are a group of Humans who are native to the Rocky coastline of Bastion in Shuranti. The Rauric people have resided in Bastion since 1A.

The Rauric people are Other Men, however, the people that they are mixed with has been lost to history. The Rauric people are notable for their martial skills and Bastion has been considered by many to be a nation of soldiers with this being evident in their culture. The Raurics’ military might comes from countless centuries of active mercenary work, in 5A Bastions position changed as the military took to the Dead Scar to protect Shuranti from the ravages of the Dread Plague. Since 5A Bastion (and thus the Rauric people) has maintained several forts among the Dead Scar, the most notable being Sanctuary.

The Rauric peoples culture is that of a military machine; from a young age children begin schooling and physical education, by age 12 children are separated into three categories, Military, Trade (Craft), Misc. While most end up in military training, some do learn a trade and the Rauric are well known for their Metal-working. Schooling ends at the age of 18, however training continues in an active manner until the age of 25, from which point one enters into their trained field.

The Rauric people occupy the nation of Bastion, however, they hold outposts within the Dead Scar, the Cliffs, Steppess, and Garem. The Rauric people speak Rauric and hold close ties with Shuranti Alliance members Theramore and Val. The Rauric people are notable for worshiping Heironeus, while most Humans worship Pellor; this difference in religion has caused a division that transcends the East and West.

Notable Organizations:
Shuranti Alliance
The Forward Legion
Hell’s Vanguard


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