Sentinel Hill

Sentinel Hill is a moderately-large city and the capital of the Sentinel Hill Alliance of Westfall. The City is located in the center of Westfall (in a predominately Westfallen area) and serves as a major trade hub, bringing trade from Elwynn to Avaros, Lous, or Redridge. Sentinel Hill is unique as it is the largest city in all of Westfall, which is odd as the Westfallen are known for an Agrarian lifestyle, however, as seen they can adapt to a more urban environment, and this is reflected in the culture of the Westfallen here.

Classification: Capital, Barony
Ruler: Baron Adrer ze Gunr
Population: 600,000
Race: Human (Westfallen, First Men)
Language: Common, Lorossian

Sentinel Hills prominence has been known since the Mythic Era, when the Orcs ruled this land and kept watch over much of Westfall via the Fortress of Sentinel Hill. When Man displaced the Orcs during the Battle for Akeroth (1A), the Humans that settled this land re-purposed the fort for the same reason. Because of its high position and walls, Sentinel Hill has been able to gain a large population overtime as many of the peasants that lived beyond the walls moved into them.

Prior to the formation of the Sentinel Hill Alliance in 11A, Sentinel Hill stood as one of 47 Baronies that dotted the landscape of Westfall, however, with the surprise attack by the Republics of Redridge following the Grain Riots, Sentinel Hill (the largest and most defendable city) became the meeting point for the disparate Barons, and eventually when the Alliance was announced, Sentinel Hill became its capital.

Today Sentinel Hill retains its position as both Capital and largest city in Westfall maintaining itself through the geographic position in which it is situated, both commercially and militarily.


Sentinel Hill from below with a thick haze of mist.

Sentinel Hill

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