In the Swamplands of Shuranti stand the Shuran people who have resided in this dark and wet landscape for thousands of years.

The Shuran people are Other Men and are therefore mixed with some other races, however, due to the passage of time no one is sure who the Shuran mixed with. The Shuran are stocky and have adapted well to the Swampy environment in which they reside developing dark hair and olive skin. The Shuran are notable for having a larger number of Magic users than any other Human peoples, it is unknown if this is because of a higher rate of Magic users or a greater likelihood that Magic users are spotted and trained.

The Shuran are notable for being Stalwart, Stubborn, Passionate, Just, Superstitious, and Moody. While the Shuran are a unified people there does exist a major class divide between Magic Users and Non-Magic Users; Magic Users are taken at a young age and brought to the Tower of High Sorcery in Vingaard where they are trained for many years before they take the Test of High Sorcery. Those who survive the Test are inducted into the Order of High Sorcery and are allowed to return to their homes; while ,many do, some return because they feel ostracized by their communities. This class divide and fear associated with Magic has been the source of several major conflicts in the past, namely the Sorcerer Wars.

Besides the class divide that exists between the ruling Magic User and the subjected Non-Magic Users a divide exists between those who live in cities and villages administered by the State (i.e. Vingaard, Gaslight, etc.), and the people who live on old Feudal lands in the Swamps (like Morganoff Estates); this divide exists because the people who live in State administered land pay taxes (and therefore receive benefits) while the people who live on old Feudal lands pay no taxes (and therefore receive no services, unless a Magic User comes from that village, then that village receives a stipend). Ultimately this Urban/Rural divide exists over the Welfare system of Theramore.

The Shuran occupy the nation of Theramore and speak Shuran, the region, Shuranti is named for both the Swamp and the people.

Notable Organizations:
Shuranti Alliance
Order of High Sorcery

Notable Shuran:
Leyna “Morgan” Morganoff


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