Silver Hand

The Silver Hand is the original religious-military order of Atar, the order consists almost entirely of Paladins, however, dozens of Clerics exist among their ranks, and typically hold prominent positions.

When the Dread Plague surged forth in 13A millions died in a matter of weeks due to the ferocity in which the plague spread, infected, and resurrected. Unlike earlier plagues this form caused mutations amongst those it infected causing many more casualties; a number of people also joined the undead and helped the spread of the plague on several instances.

At the first rumor of the Plague the Silver Hand mobilized, however, even by then it was entirely too late and within two days the sight of undead became common sight. The Silver Hand attempted to do all they could to both protect the citizenry and fight the undead forces, however, this became blatantly impossible as the undead began to outnumber the living over 10:1.

With most of Atar lost, and the land itself transforming into Plaguelands the Silver Hand retreated back into their ancient home of Huran, where they were able to hold the Undead back indefinetly.

When the Black Wall fell it caused a crippling blow not only to the Silver Hand, but also to the Argent Twillight, and especially the Scarlet Dawn who were utterly destroyed. Since then the Silver hand and the Argent Twillight have been working much more closely in hopes that they can both survive if they work together.

Today the Silver Hand acts as a direct military force under Atar directly into the Plaguelands, because of this the Silver Hand, along with the Atarin Marines have been able to keep Atar itself safe from both the Undead and the Trolls.

Silver Hand

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