The Bleeding Planes

The Bleeding Plains are a Sub-Region of Shuranti located in the Western portion of Theramore, South of the Hills of Vingaard and East of the Bastain Mountains. The Bleeding Plains are notable for the role they played during the Sorcerer Wars.

Prior to the Sorcerer Wars the Bleeding Plains did not exist, instead in their place stood the Western section of the Shuranti Swamp which was home to the majority of the population and the cities (and thus the Sorcerer Kings). When the Sorcerer Wars broke out in 6A the area of Western Theramore became transformed by the use of defilement Magic from the unwieldy swamp lands into wide open plains. After the initial battles between the Sorcerer Kings the use of retinues and mercenaries soon turned this newly cleared land into a slaughtering ground where thousands died in the name of their Sorcerer King.


Because of the Bleeding Plains and the numerous major battles that took place here the Sorcerer Kings adopted the feudal system granting soldiers who survived the horror land. This feudal system would be responsible for the settling of vast areas of Eastern Theramore ( Shuranti Swamp) as soldiers moved themselves, their families, friends, and any who wished to come into the virgin and harsh lands of Eastern Theramore.

With Vingaard’s entrance into the Sorcerer Wars in 7A the number of large scale battles within the Bleeding Plains slowed until 8A when the Sorcerer Wars were officially ended as Vingaard took control of the entirety of Theramore unifying it under the Banner of the High Sorcerer with the Academia at its center.

Today the Bleeding Plains is home to a number of villages and farms which boast some of the best yields within all of Theramore, this has caused many locals to joke that it is either a gift from their ancestors regardless if it is purposeful or not.

The Bleeding Planes

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