The Dragon Wars

When the Dread Plague arrived on Akeroth, it took various amounts of time to infect the different races, but by the 4th Apocalypse the only race that seemed to have emerged unscathed were the Dragons.

At the end of the 3rd Apocalypse the Silver Great Wyrm Garame laid a clutch of eggs, however, the creatures that hatched were not like the dragons that had come before. Instead of the silvery-vibrant scales that all of Garames’ Brood had, the Dragons that were hatched, looked sickly and their scales resembled the sight of pestilence. Unsure of what had happened the Aspects came together in Yseria to decide what would become of these other dragons.

As the Aspects and their broods gathered in Yseria, the Chromatic Dragons led by the White Aspect Anthraxes, fled from Akeroth to Ul’Drak. Here in Ul’Drak, Anthraxes breed with his nest mates bringing rise to the other four Chromatic Broods, the Red, Black, Blue, and Green Broods.

With the fleeing of the Chromatic Dragons, the Metallic Aspects decided they would leave them to their own devices, as they were not powerful enough to cause damage to Akeroths’ safety, however, they were wrong. Within several years the Chromatic Dragons had breed for themselves broods, comparable to those of the Metallic Dragons, however, they were not nearly as powerful as their Metallic brethren. To combat this uneven power balance the Chromatic Dragons began to abduct humanoids from Kul’Adar, Ul’Drak, and parts of Akeroth. The Chromatic dragons using these Humanoids abductees and members of their broods, began to experiment between the two leading to the creation of the Dragonspawn.

The Dragonspawn were unlike any other creature on Akeroth, expressing the raw intellect and strength of their Dragon ancestors, while also expressing the true cruelty of Humanoids; were sent forth to conquer the world in the name of the Chromatic Dragons. With this the entirety of the world was thrown into a war that turned the whole of Akeroth into a dragon graveyard.

The Chromatic Dragons launched forth from Ul’Drak and attacks Yseria, whilst their Dragonspawn swept through the land, bringing death, destruction, and Pestilence ( Dread Plague). The Aspects and their broods would in turn attempt to defend the peoples of Akeroth from the Chromatic Dragons and their Dragonspawn; the resulting conflict would last for hundreds of years and scar not only the land, but also the people.

While the Dragons waged an awesome and terrible war in the skies over Akeroth, the Dragonspawn assaulted the lesser races that inhabited the ground. The unending onslaught burned itself into the memories of the peoples of Akeroth and still to this day Bards’ sing of the horrors and destruction that plagued the world at that time.

After hundreds of years of combat and the utter devastation of the Metallic broods forced the Aspects to come together and perform the Sealing.

The Dragon Wars

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