The God of the Tavar

The Tavar of Tavarith are notable for worshiping a singular god. The Tavars’ beliefs stem from several ideas and cultural views, constituting into the foundation of the modern religion.

Bluntly one can say that the Tavar worship a singular god, however, this is not true; the Tavar worship an idea or entity called El. El is the formulation of the Deities into a singular Godhead while respecting each pieces individuality. To understand this one can say, the Tavar belief all the Deities are a being, however, each Deity is a portion of that being, for example, Pellor is the portion of the Godhead representing Light. These portions of El are seen as the “Morning Stars” of the Godhead (or Angels), and each angel represents its position within the Godhead keeping order.

The view the Tavar have of religion as worshiping El has given them a great tolerance for others religions, as every Deity is just an aspect of El and therefore they are worshiping El. The Tavars’ religion is also notable for its Rituals, Holidays, Religious Leaders, Scriptures, Marriage Laws, and Legal Codes. Among some people the Tavars’ religion has been considered barbaric, however, among others the religion has been noted for being cultured and true to its beliefs. The worshipers of the religion are predominately Human (Tavar), however, some people of other religions have converted or incorporated the worship of El into their lives.

The Religion of the Tavar has no name, however, among non-worshipers it is called the Tavar religion, Tavarithian religion, or Elonhm (the Worshipers of El).

The God of the Tavar

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