The Grain Riots

At the onset of 11A when The Crimson King regained control of The Undead Host the Crusades were initiated so that the Undead Host would not expand the Dead Scar any further.

During the time of the Crusades a drought took place across most of Akeroth, killing crops and ultimately leading to a famine. Throughout Akeroth most low-grain producing areas were completely decimated, while breadbasket regions had grown barely enough to feed their own population.

In Human regions like Elwynn, Lous, and Redridge (which house enormous population centers) riots began to take place as the populace began to starve. Over the course of 4 years riots took place throughout every major city, and in some cities the local rulers were lynched (causing power shifts more to the common people vs. the royalty). In some cities up to 60% of the population dies from starvation, and many cities coffers were emptied as by the time of the Riots, the price of grain had dectupled from its pre-drought price.

After 4 years the cities within Elwynn, Lous, and Redridge were finally tamed and the Grain Wars would begin.

The Grain Riots

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