Age of Man

The Age of Man is the current time-period and its start marked the end of the Mythic Era. The Age of Man began when Nerull created Man and rose them off the coast of Elwynn; at Mans’ creation they were already infected with the Dread Plague ( The Great Deceit). Man arrived in Elwynn where the Orcs had already settled, and the Orcs unsure of what to do with these strange beings that arrived from the Ocean, allowed them to settle their lands.

Man infected by the Dread Plague, took advantage of the Orcs and settled then attacked the Orcs and pushed them back into Orcanum (after Man had taken Westfall). With the exile of the Orcs back into the mountains of Orcanum, Man usurped the Orcs social position in Akeroth, and then continued to push forward waging war against all of life, and settling throughout the entirety of the world.

Man’s war against life is known as the Battle for Akeroth, and this battle raged for sometime, however, after the Dread Plague had been disseminated throughout all of Akeroth the dead began to rise and form the Undead Host. With the realization that the dead began to rise, Man switched sides in the battle, and with the help of Elves and Dwarves who worshiped Pelor, the Order of the Holy Sepulcher was founded and many Humans were trained to become Paladins and Clerics of Pellor.

After the first generation of Paladins and Clerics were trained, the Order of the Holy Sepulcher became the state religion in almost every Human kingdom, and the High Seat of the Order was placed in Lordsport, the “Capital” of Humanity. The Battle continued to rage, however, in the end it would be a Human Paladin of Pellor, named Ishar, who defeated Nerulls’ Avatar, the Crimson King, and took up his Mantle, taking control of the Host then sealing himself below the Ebon Hold (in the Ebon Citadel) in an icy tomb.

The end of the Battle for Akeroth was not the end of the war however. Tensions continued, and during these Warring Times, most of the people of Akeroth were at war. One major event of the Warring Times were the Orc Wars, and this played a significant role in Akerothian Politics.

The Age of Man continues and is supplanted with the Apocalyptic Cycle which has happened 16 times in total (see Timeline).

Age of Man

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