Alatia ( commonly called The Deep Jungles) is a vast area occupying the entirety of the South of Akeroth. Alatia is home to a large dense jungle and is also home to a vast number of peoples, animals and species. The Deep Jungles were originally inhabited by the Trolls, however, when Man arrived in 1A they found the great monoliths there already overgrown and unheeded. It would be from the ruins of this ancient Troll empire, that the great empire of Alatia would be formed.


Alatia was originally settled in 1A as Man swept across the whole of the world, while most Humans went North or West only a small number of people went of into the great and foreboding jungles of the South. Here in the deep dark Southern jungles the first colonists found great megaliths which contained the secrets to using incredibly powerful Preservation Magic. Possessing the secrets to the Preservation Magic of the Trolls allowed these first Colonists

Alatia stood as an empire from 1A until 5A when the Mage-Priests of Alatia were tricked by Nerulls’ Avatar, the Crimson King, who came in the guise of the Phantom of Truth. The Phantom came and broke the interminable siege of Alatia and taught the Alatians the art of Necromancy. After gaining the souls of the Alatians and their combined power, Nerull used this to take control of the Undead Host from Ishar, and sent them Southwards to destroy the Beacon of Light.

Nerulls’ armies marched Southward and ultimately overran the defenders of Garem and destroyed the Beacon of Light, thrusting the Deities from Akeroth, and thrusting Akeroth into the Dark Times. With the beginning of the Dark Times, and a seeming end to all, the Alatians sacrificed themselves en masse to safe the rest of Akeroth.

Since then over the course of hundreds of years the great monolithic structures that dominated the landscape had sunken back as the vast southern jungles enveloped it. It was during this time that many different species began to dwell here including Orcs, Gnolls. Goblins, Ogres, and Giants. Trolls also dwell within the jungles, however, they seem to have occupied this land for much longer than the other races.

Today the Southern Jungles stand as a wild and unforgiving landscape where even the flora is carnivorous; because of this very few people venture southwards into the jungles.

The Deep Jungles are bordered by Elwynn, Evermare, Olfgar, and Abados to the North.

A view of the Deep Jungles with their ruins.


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