Alliance of Westfall

Westfall (Sentinel Hill Alliance)
Classification: Military Trade Union
Ruler: The Sentinel Hill Council of Barons
Capital: Sentinel Hill
Cultures: Westfallen, Baklunish, Kythric, Daan
Languages: Common, Baklunish, Daan, Kythric
Population: approx. 500 Million

For hundreds if not thousands of years, the people of Westfall lived among small baronies that protected the local populace of the baronies in lieu for taxes paid in grain or coin, however, due to the Grain Riots in Lous, Elwynn, and Redridge and later the Grain Wars, this caused the unification of the Westfallen Baronies into the Alliance of Westfall.

In 11A a drought coupled with the Crusades in the Dead Scar caused a severe famine in the regions of Lous, Redridge, Elwynn, and parts of Westfall. This famine would result in the Grain Riots, a serious of riots that plagued ever major city within Elwynn, Redridge, and Lous. This series of riots struck a major blow to the authority of those kingdoms, and ultimately to regain control of their Kingdoms, the leaders within Elwynn, Redridge, and Lous began the Grain Wars.

The Grain Wars began when the trade republics of Redridge invaded the Eastern part of Westfall (mainly inhabited by the Daan people, and the most drought affected area of Westfall). Soon afterwards several princes of Lous began to launch raids on the Western areas of Westfall. The Growing attacks and invasion of Westfall prompted the Barons to meet in Sentinel Hill, where after long debate the many barons agreed to unifying under a military Alliance to protect themselves from the invaders.

Using their new military might the Alliance of Westfall took back the Eastern portion of Westfall freeing the Daan people and launching several major raids on Redridge ultimately causing the republics to capitulate. While the Alliance was dealing with the republics of Redridge, the Kingdoms of Elwynn entered into the Grain Wars going as far as convincing the native Kythric people of Westfall into joining them. Together the Kingdoms of Elwynn, the Westfallen Kythric, and the Princes of Lous joined forces in fighting the newly formed Alliance of Westfall (also called the Sentinel Hill Alliance or simply the Alliance).

The new resurgence of fighting in the Grain Wars caused a continuation of the famine, and ultimately after about 4 years of fighting all the parties still involved came to the Summit of Sentinel Hill where the Sentinel Hill Accord was signed.

The Accord stated that the Alliance of Westfall would continue to ensure a continuous food supply to sustain the peoples of Lous, Redridge, and Elwynn. The Price of Grain would also be ensured for 10g per tonne for a period of sixty years and the Alliance would send people to teach farming in places such as Elwynn and Lous, however, any Kythric who joined the invaders were to be deported to Elwynn.

Today the Alliance of Westfall continues and operates as more of a Trade Union then truly an Alliance, however, during times of Unrest or raids the Alliance does act militarily.

Currently the Baklunish people of the Northern Coast are fleeing Southwards, as the High Council of the Alliance has refused to pay The Witch-King of Falmar’s tribute demand. The fear that he will invade and bring the Plague onto the mainland has been the driving factor for this voluntary exodus. The Baklunish themselves have begun to resettle in Westfallen or old Kythric lands, but with a continuing influx of refugees, this free land is quickly becoming scarce.

Portioning: The Westfallen Occupy the West, Center, and South of Westfall, while the Baklunish occupy most of the Northern Coast, the Daan occupy the Eastern border running from the Northern Coast to Elwynn in the South, and the remaining Kythric communities are scattered about among the other peoples standing as a small minority among the other peoples of Westfall (most Kythric sided with the Lorossians and Elwynn Kythrics during the Grain Wars, and were thus deported after the Sentinel Hill Accord was signed).

Alliance of Westfall

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