Andhilic People

The Andihilic People (also called Andihils or Andhils) are a group of Humans, however, they traditionally consider themselves of Dwarven descent. The Original Andihilic people were possibly Dwarves from the Hills of The Near Wastes to the North in Kul’Adar; the Dwarven civilization that was there collapsed for some unknown reason and the hill Dwarves were forced to descend down into what is now Andhilia. After reaching the plains of Andhilia the Dwarves conquered and integrated with the native Human steppe peoples, and over the course of five thousand years the human blood proved to be stronger. Today almost all the Andihilic people resemble Humans, but all carry Dwarven blood in their veins.

Beliefs: The Andhils like their Dwarven ancestors hold a highly rigid Clan-Caste system, which divides the people among nobility, priests, military, merchants, peasants, and serfs in that order. The Andhils worship Pellor and have maintained a branch of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher for thousands of years; not unlike the other branches of the Order, the Order within Regeloth and Astravia have added in folk customs. These customs include; the Clan-Caste System, Racial superiority of Dwarves, Ancestor Worship, Reverence to Moradin, and Occult Magic.

Personality: The Andihilic people live much to their Dwarven ancestry are known for their seriousness, and zealotry. The Andihilic people hold the Ideals of Justice and Faith equally, regardless of the consequences.

Physical Description: Andihilic people stand around 5’2"-5’8", the males being generally taller. Holding to their dwarven blood the Andihils are slightly broader, and stockier than the average human. Their skin color ranges from pale to olive, their eyes are generally dark, and their hair ranges from red to brown. Hair including the beards are typically worn medium and are generally well-kept. The Andihils wear simple yet colourful clothes. Andihils typically live to the age of 90.

Relations: Due to their mixed blood the Andihils enjoy a good relation with Dwarves, Gnomes, and Humans, but look at the Elves with slight suspension. They view Orcs somewhat favorably as the Empire of Zeth’Kur is a major trade Partner, however, this favorable attitude does not block out the advent racism of the Andhils.

Alignment: Andihils due to their beliefs are usually lawful, and tend towards the good.

Andihil Lands: The Andihils occupy the Andihil Basin (Andhilia) which is home to the Empires of Astravia and Regeloth.

Approximately thirty-five hundred years ago the Chief Androson I Androsonov of the Andihil Tribe (and the only tribe we have record of), unified all the tribes and peoples of the Basin to fight against the Goblin Army of the Orcish Warlock Zer’Nugrub. Ultimately Zer’Nugrub was slain by Chief Androson, and his armies were quickly broken due to infighting and poor strategy.

Androson was elected as Hraldr (or Emperor) and upon his death. his empire was split between his seven sons, and for countless generations the descendants of Androson fought amongst themselves for control of his empire, until only two remained, the Kingdoms of Astravia and Regeloth.

The war quickly escalated to a worsening degree as both sides wished for this centuries old war to finally end, the traditional rules of war no longer applied, and total war broke out across all the fronts. Both sides began employing Spell-swords, Hedge-wizards and even Orcish Mercenaries against each other in hopes of gaining the upper hand, but it was to no avail. It would not be until the battle of Aradem in 14A498 that things would change. Both sides had been engaged in war for almost thirty-three hundred years, and both sides wished that the Battle of Aradem would finally end it, so both sides deployed all the men they had culminating into what would be called the “Sea of Blood”. Ultimately fifteen million men, and forty million animals, of these only 1 million men, and seven million animals would survive.

After both witnessing the devastation that had been caused both Kings Celtis III and Barnet II signed the Non-Militarization treaty culminating in an end to the war, and the shared building of the Barcel Wall (a 160 foot high, 60 feet deep, 80 foot wide, and 4000 mile long wall). Since the signing of the Non-Militarization agreement, both sides have remained isolationist of each other and only communicate through their mutual trade partners.

Since of the signing of the Non-Militarization treaty the two empires have become distant and their cultures have drifted apart as the Barcel Wall acts as not just a military border, but also a border dividing Culture, Beliefs, and families for hundreds of years (thrusting yet another thorn into the mutuality of these related peoples).

Notable Organizations (Regeloth):

Notable Organiztions (Andhilic):
Hell’s Vanguard

Notable Andhils:
Androson XXI Androsonov
Androson I Androsonov
Celtis IV Androsonov
Edrin Yamor

Andhilic People

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