Arkangelsk was founded by Prince Izsak Androsonov in 13A135, as a way to cut down on river pirate raids on the Capital of Karadania.

Arkangelsk stands as one of only two crossings from the Nordrejur Lands, and the Empire of Regeloth via the River Tazania. It serves primarily as a Trade City, and Produces ships along with harvesting marine items from the River Tazania.

During 16A20, a group of individuals made their way to Arkangelsk where they attempted to stop an execution, this ultimately failed, however, the two people that were captured escaped causing an event called the Blunder at the Fort. With the escape of the two party-members, the Commander of the Hellknights in Arkangelsk, Edrin Yamor, was removed from her position and replaced by another Hellknight Commander. This Commander started The Purge which has forced the Varrangoin (and specifically the Ferryman) from Arkangelsk, across the River and to The Crossing.

Rulers: Commander Faydor of the Arkangelsk Hellknights, and High Priest Marphin of the Holy Sepulchral Church.

Wealth: Moderate

Order of the Holy Sepulcher
The Hellknights
-City Guard

Population: Approximately 100,000
Racial Mix Up:
73% Andhilic
11% Human
6% Dwarves
2% Elves
8% Other

Districts: Arkangelsk is divided into Nine Districts, each encompassing its own identity,
-Fort: The Original Fortress founded by Prince Izsak in 13A135, as a way to curb River Pirate raids on the Capital of Karadania, and its surrounding areas.
-The March; The first expansion to the fortress of Arkangelsk, built in 13A146, the March served as a drilling yard, and supply storage during Prince Izsaks’ campaign to end the River Pirate raids in Karadania for good
-The Holy Sepulchral Church; was built in 14A3, after the Ascension when mass conversions to Pellor were taking place.
-The Shops; as the Fort grew into a city, many merchants began to setup in this area, and ultimately would build their housing nearby.
-Merchant Estates; as the merchants grew wealthier they began to build estates for themselves lying in the heavily fortified area between the Holy Sepulchral Church, the Fort, and the March.
-Blacktide; was the first port built, its construction in 14A84 brought a massive economic boom to the area, and ultimately Blacktide was divide. Today it houses the slums.
-“Rest” DIstrict; the district which is known throughout Regeloth for its liberalness, and decadence. It serves to house everyones vices.
-Highwater; the New port and residential district was constructed in 15A21, and brought Arkangelsk to the position of regional Power.


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