When the Deities had learned of Nerull’s betrayal and joining with the demons of The Abyss, the Deities decided to commit one last act of defiance, the creation of Akeroth.

Seeing the destruction that had taken place upon their innumerable creations, the Deities decided that they would stay with Akeroth to guarantee its survival, and thus created the Beacon of Light to stand in Garem as a sign of their physical representation on the material world. As an additional safeguard the Deities created the Titans (moderate Deities), and the Aspects.

The Aspects are the five great Wyrms that were created before the Mythic Era. The Aspects unlike any other dragons were created to be asexual, and thus from each a brood quickly sprung from each representing one of the five forms; Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gold, and Silver. The Aspects were also gifted with immortality and each set across the whole of Akeroth to safeguard its domain from the forces of the Abyss.

In 4A, over a 1000 years from their initial contact with the Dread Plague, the Great Silver Wyrm, Garame (named after Garem for which Garame defended), laid a clutch of eggs, however, when they hatched the dragons that came forth were not silver, but instead a ghostly visage of white; it was from these dragons that the Chromatic Flight would descend from.

Originally there was no Division among the dragons over the Metallic and Chromatic Flights, until sometime in which the Chromatic Aspects (the leader of each Brood, i.e Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White) began doing experiments using Dragons and “Lesser-Beings” (i.e. Humans, Elves, Goblin-kin, etc). It was this horrid and vile act that caused the Metallic Aspects to take action against the Chromatic Flight; this action would result in, The Dragon Wars.

After the Time of the Dragon Wars, the Aspects stripped of their immortality were left equally as powerful as the Chromatic dragons when they emerged in 5A with the destruction of the Beacon of Light. It has been since then that all the dragons have been greedily searching the world in a desperate bid to regain their own divinity, or seize it for the first time.

The Metallic Aspects are as followed;

Garame, Ysaria,


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