Resting in the Center of the Falmar Sea, Avaros stands as a sub-continent housing many diverse peoples and sitting as a crossroads for all of Akeroth. Avaros is surrounded by the Falmar sea, however, the regions of Tavarith, Lous, Westfall, Redridge, Loch Modain, and Sylvania are reachable by boat.

Avaros has been home to many different peoples starting with possibly Giants or Ogres leading the first nations here. After the Giants (or ogres) lost power the Dwarves descended down and inhabited Avaros. Later the Elves would move into some portions of Avaros before the ultimate arrival of Man in 1A.

After the arrival of Man in 1A (after the start of the Age of Man in the waning years of the Battle for Akeroth, but before the Warring Times) the people who inhabited Avaros would hold to their First Men roots and eventually formed the religious empire of Thorossia. Thorossia was founded by Lord Thoross in 1A and from its founding the empire was dedicated to the belief of Pellor as the savior of man (unlike most of the peoples who worship Pellor, the people of Thorossia believed that one day a Man would ascend to divinity and replace Pellor as the savior of Man).

Since 8A17 Avaros has been the home of the High See of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher and in 10A7 it offically became the home to the High Clerists Tower (upon its completion), and acts as the spiritual center for all people who worship Pellor across Akeroth.

The empire of Thorossia has lasted since 1A, however, in 12A when Avar, the King-Priest of Ishtar, ascended to divinity and ended the Crusades of 11A, the people of Thorossia adopted Avar as their new God-King and since then he has ruled Avaria (as Thorossia was renamed on Avars’ ascension).

In 13A Atar became inflicted with the Dread Plague and quickly the situation in Atar deteriorated and millions died due to the Dread Plague and the Undead Host. In an attempt to save the rest of Avaros the Dwarves of Surdvelin, the Clerics of the High Clerists Tower and the Silver Hand built the Black Wall to maintain the Host within the Plaguelands.

At the end of 15A a group of adventurers accidentally destroyed the Black Wall allowing the Undead Host to spill out from the Plaguelands. Since 16A Avaros has been under the sway of the Witch-King of Falmar who took control of the Undead Host in the Plaguelands after the destruction of the Black Wall.

Nations in Avaros:
Avaria (formely Thorossia)
Giant Confederation
Atar & the Plaguelands
Falmaria (Kingdom of the Witch-King)
Several Small City-States, Baronies, Etc.


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