Beacon of Light

The Beacon of Light was constructed before the creation of the races upon Akeroth. The Beacon was created to stand as the final defence of Akeroth from Nerull. Originally located in the Kender homeland of Garem, the Beacon served as the physical representation of the Deities on Akeroth.

beacon.jpg (The Beacon when it stood)

The Beacon of Light stood from the creation of Akeroth until 5A. In 5A when the Alatians accidentally gave their strength to the Crimson King, this allowed him to take a hold of the Undead Host once again. The Crimson King used the Undead Host and the newly formed Cult of Damnation to make their way South where they crossed the Falmar and made their way into Garem.

In Garem the Host decimated the defenders of both Garem and the Beacon and ultimately the Beacon was destroyed in an explosion of Divine energy. This explosion of Divine energy acted as an expulsion and forced the Deities out of Akeroth.


This cataclysmic event caused the beginning of the Era called The Dark Times.

Beacon of Light

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