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The Deities or Divines are the creators of the Material World and have played major parts in the actions of the world, and yet at other times they have abandoned their creation.

When the Divines entered this Universe from the Pre-Verse, and assumed their god like powers, they went forth and began to create worlds in an attempt to bring balance to a seemingly chaotic universe. It was during this time, known as the Creation, that the Divines created countless worlds, however, by bringing balance into this universe the Divines attracted the attention of the Creatures that stirred within the Abyss.

The Demons and creatures of The Abyss wrought havoc upon the worlds that the Divines had created. Seeing their flaw the Divines chose one among them, Nerull, to be vigilant and protect the many worlds that they had created. For endless eons, during the darkest epochs of time, Nerull defended the many worlds that he and his brethern had created, but the creatures of the Abyss proved to be too much and overwhelmed him, sowing the seeds of Death, Destruction, Disease, and War among the pristine races the Divines had created. Nerull after witnessing this time and time again eventually snapped and joined the Demons of the Abyss, seeing chaos as the true way of the universe and began leading them onward against his fellow Divines.

The Divines seeing the corruption that had overtaken Nerull had created a new vanguard to protect their newest and last creation, . On Akeroth the Divines created the Dragon Aspects to protect the peoples they had created, and together they constructed the Beacon of Light to serve as their physical representation on Akeroth, with the knowledge given to the races “As long as this Light shines, we shall be with you”.

The Divines existed on Akeroth aiding their creations through the Apocalypses, and even adopted the Humans into their fold (through the Order of the Holy Sepulcher), when the Humans realized they were created to be a tool of Chaos & Destruction and converted from their creator (Nerull and his Avatar, The Crimson King) and adopted Pellor (and other Divines) as their own. This continued until 5A when Nerull deceived Humanity (specifically the Alatians) into allowing him to gain control of the Mantle of the Ebon King and gain control of The Undead Host. Using the Undead Host, Nerull marched southward into Garem and destroyed the Beacon of Light, causing the The Dark Times.

The majority of the Deities receded from Akeroth and left the many races in chaos to deal with this as their own problem. Ultimately the 5th Apocalypse was ended, but the Divines would not return until 10A.

In 6A the mass consciousness of the many races ascended many folk-heroes into a level of minor divinity. It was these Paragons that guided the races until the return of the True Deities.

In 10A when Boccob ascended to Divinity, he convinced the divines to return, and it was with this that the High Clerists Tower was constructed to serve as the new physical representation of their Divinity upon the Material world.

In 12A, the Divines judged Ishtar via the Cataclysm and ascended Avar into divinity to save the world from the evils of the time (The Crusades). Ishtar would be completely destroyed and in its place the Blood Sea of Ishtar would be left and everything North of the Vankin Mountains would become the Desolation.

In 14A, St. Cuthbert ascends into divinity due to his piety and selfless sacrifice to not only save his comrades from the Plague-Lord Antorex, but also slay the Plague-Lord during his final moments of life.

In 15A, Grummash leds Krusk and Grommash Stonemaul to conquer the Empire of Rozzaria and unify the peoples of middle Steppess (Humans, Kender, Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, and Elves) together to build the great empire of Zeth’Kur.


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