Akeroth is Plagued with Illness much like our earth. While people across Akeroth know of Microbes (just like ancient civilizations on Earth), the Germ Theory of Disease is non-existent; because of this quandary disease is viewed as either Supernatural or Divine by the masses.

While Medicine Men and “Doctors” exist and do attempt to cure disease by some empirical means, for those who can not find a medicine man or afford a “Doctor” typically turn to Religion as their cure. This system of religious devotion in times of strife continues a system of fear and disregard for empirical methods in favor of spiritual ones.

While disease is prevalent across Akeroth, not all diseases are prevalent in all areas, and some diseases are only found in specific areas. Common diseases are as followed (with locations)

Blightrot (Leprosy, everywhere, specifically Abados and Tavarith)
Blacklung (Tuberculosis, everywhere, but in the Underdark or Dwarven underground cities more)
Typhus (Typhus & Typhoid, everywhere)
Scarlet Fever ( Deep Jungles)
Convulsions (Numerous Neurological disorders, anywhere)
Spotted Fever (Malaria & Yellow Fever, Abados and Deep Jungles)
Rock Worms (Parasites, anywhere)
Sweats (Cold, Flu, or Pneumonia, anywhere)

Rare diseases are as followed;

Dread Plague (only from contact with Undead or Cults)
Pormelia Hemophylia (Vampirism, only from contact with vampires)
Lycanus Aurelius (Lycanthropy, only from contact with were-animals)


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