Division Among the Elves

After the Sacrifice of the Kender, and the ending of the 2nd Apocalypse peace sets across the land, however, among the Pantheon of the Elves things are not going well.

Corellon Larethian and his Consort, Lloth engage in a cosmic argument ultimately bringing the entire Elven Pantheon into the argument. As the argument descended into a bitter duel between several factions that had developed among the Pantheon. In the end Corellon Larethian banished the leaders of these factions and all of their followers from Sylvania, he then punished the High Elves for their decadence (causing the split between the High Elves and the Sylvan Elves).

With the Division and banishment of many sections of the Elven population, a mass migration took place, and from this migration several new lands would be colonized. The Followers of Lloth went deep into the Underdark, as during the Argument she was regarded as “a Wretched Spider-Queen” (and in turn transformed into one) by her former lover. The Followers of Gadhelyn would go Westward pasts the Hills of Hildragr and into the vast lands of Steppess where they would found a great empire and lose most of it to some unknown disaster. The followers of Rillifane Rallathil would go to Yseria and join with the Druids there. The followers of Sehanine Moonbow and Labelas Enoreth would both travel Northward into what is now the Desolation and the Blood Sea of Ishtar, and never be seen again after the Cataclysm.

Through this divide in the Elven community, the Elves would disseminate into several different ethnic groups occupying different lands, these are as follows;

High Elves (Sylvania) | Sylvan (Sylvania, Avaros) | Drow (Underdark) | Grey Elves ( Ul’Drak) | Dreh’nai ( Ishtar) | Quintellexi (Steppess) | Wood Elves (Yseria)

Division Among the Elves

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