The Fortress of the Dragongate is a massive fortification built at the edge of the Black Mountains of Orcanum and the dense forests of Elwynn.

Construction of the Drgaongate began during the Mythic Era, however, when Man arrived in Akeroth during the start of the Age of Man (just prior to 1A, and the Battle of Akeroth) the Dragongate had not yet been completed. Man after arriving in Akeroth pushed the Orcs from Elwynn and Westfall then continued forward causing the 1st Apocalypse and the Battle for Akeroth. After the end of the Batlle of Akeroth came the Warring Times and it was during this time that the Orcs struck back against Man causing the Orc Wars.

The Orc Wars end catastrophically for the Orcs and ultimately Orcanum was destroyed (torn asunder) by Human Wild Mages who, using Defilement Magic, Defiled the very earth of Orcanum. After the end of the Orc Wars, the Orcish Tribes came together and finished the construction of the Dragongate, sealing the Orcs into Orcanum, and keeping Man out.

After the Dragongate was completed the Orcs would raid the Kythric people of Elwynn and Westfall, however, the Orcs would push further and raid Evermare. Ultimately in 7A the Orcish Tribes formed together into a great horde and pushed past the Kythric people and mitigated instead to the Halflings of Evermare. The Halflings fought hard against the Orcs, however, the horde was to large, and pushed the Halflings back. As the Orcs won over Evermare, they decided that they would raze Evermare, cementing their role in Akeroth, and so Evermare was burned.

After the razing of Evermare the Orcs returned to Orcanum with their loot (after forcing the Halflings into their current nomadic lifestyle), but here the leaders of the Tribes fought over the loot and from among them Lok’Tar rose. Lok’Tar took control of the horde after defeating the other Chiefs and Warlords. From this point Lok’Tar reformed the Empire of Orcanum, and the Orcs descended upon Elwynn.

The Orcish Horde of Lok’Tar went forth taking land and pushing forward to Lordsport, however, Lorspar with the military help of Tel’Shar and Stormgarde defeated the Orcs at Lordsport after Lok’Tar was slain in combat, however, the Orcs managed to raze a section of the city including the Grand Sept of Pellor (and the High Seat of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher). With the death of Lok’Tar the Orcs were forced back to the Dragongate in Orcanum, and from the Dragongate a siege would set in starting in 8A17 and ending in 8A42.

In 8A42, after the defenders of the Dragongate were depleted, the Human armies assaulted the Dragongate, breaking the Siege and entering Orcanum. Once in Orcaum, Man slaughtered the Orcs and forced many of them out of Orcanum in a mass diaspora (leading to 9A).



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