Dread Plague

The Dread Plague (also called The Plague of Undeath, the Plague, the Dread, and the Dread Plague of Undeath), is a divine disease created by Nerull during the Creation Era. The Plague was originally intended to infect the original races in Akeroth, however, this did not work as these other races were saved by the Beacon of Light‘s healing properties. In a bid to work around the Beacon of Light, Nerull created Man and with this creation he infected them with the Plague. This event of Man’s creation and infection with the Plague culminated in the Event known as the Great Deceit. As Man rose from the sea and settles upon the Orcish Lands they took them by force and sent the Orcs back into the mountains of Orcanum. With Man’s offensive pushing further into Akeroth and fighting all the peoples of Akeroth, this allowed the Plague spread quickly with the Humans as they made their way across Akeroth.

The Plague acted silently at first, working as a sickness that spread with Man, then started to rise the dead and begin the formation of the Undead Host. When the Battle of Akeroth was in full swing the Plague consumed tens of thousands and rose forth The Undead Host. Through the discovery that Man was spreading the Plague and working for Nerull, Man relented and joined with the other peoples of Akeroth and joined with them to form the Order of the Holy Sepulcher. Ultimately by the end of the Battle of Akeroth, it was a Human Paladin of Pellor, name Ishar who defeated the Crimson King and seized his Mantle taking control of the Undead Host and then sealing himself within the Ebon Citadel forcing the Undead Host into a state of languished stasis.

The Dread Plague and the Undead Host stayed relatively dormant until 5A when the Crimson King tricked the Alatians into giving him their power and allowing him to seize control of both the Host and the Plague once again. From here the Crimson King sent the Undead Host Southward killing and infecting all in their way. It was during this time that the Cult of Damnation rose and began assisting Nerull in his ultimate goal. Ultimately the combined forces of the Host and the Cult crossed the Falmar and entered into Garem where they defeated the defenders forcing the Kender out, and destroying the Beacon of Light giving rise to the Dark Times.

Since 5A the Dread Plague has plagued Akeroth several times all across the world. These places and times are as followed:

8A, Sarnath | 11A, the Crusades | 12A, Atar | 13A, Jarl

The Plague is still a very feared epidemic and one person becoming infected with the Plague can lead to the deaths and resurrection of thousands. As a safe measure when someone becomes infected with the Plague they are typically quarantined and allowed to die, or are killed and burned by the local populace.

Survival of the Plague is possible, however, those who have survived are plagued by a number of problems typically, Necrosis of flesh, Neurological damage, Vision lose, and Insanity.

Dread Plague

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