Exodus from Evermare

As the Grand Army of the Confederation (Ogar) swept through Evermare looting, killing, raping, and burning all in their way. Fearful of what would happen to them the remaining Halflings departed Evermare in a mass Exodus, fleeing the Conquering and Marauding Orcs.

Through the Conquest of Evermare many of the Halflings Crafters and Warriors died; lacking the ability to find any stable work the Halflings began to drift from land to land trading, working, stealing, anything they had to do to survive. The consist need to survive in this harsh world has caused the Halflings to become clannish and at times off-putting towards strangers.

(It is said that the Halflings speak their own Language, however, no one is quite sure as whenever the Halflings travel to a different land they adopt the language of the area they are in.)

While the Halfling Clan-Caravans travel throughout Akeroth the Halflings can be found mainly in Human lands such as Elwynn, Westfall, Avaros, Tavarith, Landes, Reach, Loch Modain, and Shuranti.

Exodus from Evermare

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