The Falmar stands as one of the four major waterways that occupy Akeroth, these are as followed;

Falmar | Great Expanse | World’s End | Blood Sea of Ishtar

The Falmar is divided into three sections; the River, Sea, and Islands.

The Falmar River is an enormous body of water that streches from Shuranti in the West to Avaros in the East where it empties into the Falmar Sea. The River acts as a major regional border separating Northern Akeroth from Southern Akeroth. The River borders the regions of; The Cliffs, Lous, and Garem to the South with Shuranti, The Dead Scar, and Tavarith to the North.

The Falmar Sea begins at the end of the Falmar River at the border of Tavarith’s Weatherly Islands. The large Sea surrounds the entirety of Avaros and also borders the regions of Redridge, Loch Modain, Westfall, and Sylvania. The Falmar Sea is the largest inland body of water on Akeroth and acts as a major .bi-way for trade and transit between these regions.

The Isles of the Falmar


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