Gnomeregon is the Capital and largest city in Abados, and of all the Gnomish peoples. The city stands as a technological marvel out shining the rest of the world in every aspect from cooking to travel to war. The City was originally built in the Mythic Era, but was sacked by pirates on three occasions, because of this the Gnomes are highly protective of their city and have outfitted it with highly advanced defence mechanisms.

The History of Gnomeregon is shrouded in mystery as Abados has been occupied for thousands of years (since at least the Mythic Era). From what most know Abados is the original home of the Gnomes and posses technology that is so advanced it seems like magic to most, the marvels of Gnomeregon range from Trains to Steamships to Airships and Automated Weaponry. While the Gnomes are small in stature and typically seen as weak have subsidized this with their technological prowess.

Gnomeregon occupies the entirety of the island of Abados and consists of several enormous districts across the island. These districts are as followed; Anchorage Point, Gnomeregon (Proper), The Char-Fields, Mechanus, Preservation Park, and Tamrail.

Ruler: High Tekingeer Aldophus Tinspark

Wealth: Exorbitant

Population: 18 Million

Cultures: Gnomergin, Mechaner, Tramish, Charfallen


Anchorage Point: Anchorage Point is home to the largest port in Abados, from this Northward facing port trade is easily facilitated between itself and distant trade partners like Theramore, or Zeth’Kur; Anchorage Point is also home to the Gnomish Steam Fleet that protects the water around Abados. Here in the harbor area is where the poorest live and it is these people that work the docks (among the people here Blightrot is a common problem and many times throughout history, Anchorage Point has been used as a quarantine zone further infecting the local populace). .


Gnomeregon (Proper): The Metropolis of Gnomeregen is an enormous, towering, and sprawling Morass. Here among the “skyscrapers” the majority of the population lives and it is here that they work, producing all assortments of manufactured goods to be sent Northward. Gnomeregon is the center of the Airship Industry and from here on can take an Airship to New Gnomeregon and Tinkerton on the Mainlaind, Hammer Hold and Dragonspine in Olfgar, and Observation Pinnacle in the Deep Jungles; besides the Airships Gnomeregon also has an extensive Tram system which connects people living in Mechanus and Tamrail in the South with the City-Centre to the North as well as bringing people and supplies from and through the Charfields


Char-Fields: The Char-Fields are a huge swath cutting through the center of Abados, here all assortments of natural resources are garnered ranging from Oil, Natural Gas, Geothermal Energy, Coal, and Metallic Sand. The Char-Fields are a relatively in hospitable place, however, towns have sprung up near the Tram stations to allow the Field workers an easier way of living.


Preservation Park: Preservation Park is the only unmolested segment of Abados left, after the Gnomes entered the industrial age they tore through the earth at ever increasing speeds, and ultimately the forested volcanic island slopes turned way to a bleak volcanic landscape. Because of this rapid expansion the High Tekingeer Ludwig Fizzlewarf deemed that the Hills North of Mechanus would stay green for eternity, and with this decree Preservation Park was established.

Mechanus: Mechanus (also called Mechanar by the people of Mechanus and students of the Mechanical Institute) is a “suburb” of Gnomeregon occupying the Southeastern section of the island. Mechanus is quite notable for housing the Mechanical Institute which teaches intelligent and enterprising Gnomes the secrets of Mechanical Engineering and other trades to further advance the Gnomes Technological achievements, and the Domestic Harbor which connects Mechanus with Sand Point (which is responsible for animal rearing and food production) on the mainland


Tamrail: Tamrail is another “Suburb” of Gnomeregon and houses the Trams when they are not in use or in need of routine maintenance. The population of Tamrail is generally responsible for the Trams, however, some do work in Gnomeregon Proper.



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