The Goblin-kin are one of the major Races that occupy Akeroth, unlike other Races the Goblin-kin are a collection of species categorized as a singular race. These species are as followed;

Goblins: The smallest and weakest of all the Goblin-kin. Goblins can be found on their own in clans and tribes, however, if there is Hobgoblins or Bugbears in the group the Goblins will be subordinated.


Hobgoblins: Hobgoblins are larger and stronger than Goblins and are known for their fierce combat abilities; Hobgoblins are known to leave their tribes to either join a band or lead a Goblin tribe.


Bugbears: Bugbears are the largest, strongest, and smartest of all the Goblin-kin. Bugbears are notable as hating each other and because of this attitude many Bugbears go out to form bands or to lead tribes of Goblins and Hobgoblins.


Goblin-kin can be found all across Akeroth with the only true Goblin lands being apart of Zeth’Kur. Prior to the Age of Man during the Mythic Era the Goblins existed in a golden age (called the Golka Age), however, with Mans intervention the Goblins were subjugated to a fate far worse than that of the Orcs.

Since the Age of Man the Goblins have been forced from their homes and made to live a barbaric and nomadic lifestyle. In 3A the Goblin-kin became unified into the Black Host which was led by Zer’Nugrub, however, the Black Host was defeated by Androson I Androsonov. With the death of Zer’Nugrub the Host was routed and since then the Goblins have been scattered throughout the whole of Akeroth.


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