Hell's Vanguard

The Hell’s Vanguard is a new faction which has arisen since the Purge in Arkangelsk. The Hell’s Vanguard was formed in just prior to the wake of the Purge events and has since moved from Arkangelsk.

The Hell’s Vanguad formed with the Realization that the Holy Sepulchral Church, The Order of Pellor, The Hellknights, and even the Emperor of Regeloth himself (Celtis IV Androsonov) have been co-oped into the Cult of Abadon, many Hellknights under the Command of Edrin Yamor have since left the service of Regeloth and founded their own faction in Drybone Valley to fight the forces of the Cult.

Since The Purge many Varrangoin including the Ferryman have been forced from Arkangelsk and have joined the Vanguard in an attempt to reconcile with the Andhils in a hope to end the ethnic strife that has existed between them since 7A.

After Sigfraed and the Party arrived in Drybone Valley tensions between Regeloth and the Hell’s Vanguard increased after the Regelothian Navy burned The Crossing, thus forcing the Varrangoin to seek refuge in Drybone Valley. Now with the full support of the Varrangoin, Nordrejur, and Edrins’ Hellknights, the Vanguard is ready to set forth and stop the Cult from spreading the Dread Plague and overruning the world with the Undead Host.

Today, the Leader of the Hell’s Vanguard, Edrin Yamor (accompanied by Sigfraed and Terra Woodsoul), is seeking adventurers, mercenaries, or wanderers to come on a journey to end the Cult, stop the Plague, overthrow the corruption that has beset Regeloth, and safe the whole of the World from the power of the Nerull, and his Avatar the Crimson King.


Reputation Based faction, start off Neutral.

Notable Members: Edrin Yamor, Sigfraed Iannois, High Lord Brane of Bastion

The Hell’s Vanguards’ current base of operations is located in Bastion, Bastion, Shuranti

Hell's Vanguard

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