Man (or Humans) are one of the major Races that occupy Akeroth. Most Humans are the descendants of pioneers, conquerors, traders, refugees and other peoples on the move ( Age of Man), as a result Human lands are home to a mix of people… physically, culturally, religiously, and politically different; Hardy or fine, light-skinned or dark showy or austere, primitive or civilized, devout or impious, Humans run the gamut.

Humans have an odd place in History in Akeroth. Man was created by Nerull, and arose off the coast of Elwynn and entered onto Akeroth from there. When Man arrived in Elwynn the Orcs ruled this land and the Orcs unsure of what to do with these new people allowed Man to settle in their lands. Man had been tainted by Nerull via the Dread Plague and the Great Deceit, these factors caused Man to start the Battle for Akeroth bringing about the first Apocalypse.

Man fought the Orcs taking Elwynn and Westfall, thus pushing the Orcs back into the mountains of Orcanum (usurping the Orcs position in Akerothian society). Man pushed forward and brought forth the Battle for Akeroth, this Battle would rage until the Dread Plague took a hold and began to rise the dead. With the realization that the dead were rising, Man turned its back from Nerull and joined the rest of Akeroth to fight against Nerull.

The Elves and Dwarves who worshiped Pellor, created the Order of the Holy Sepulcher to help train Paladins and Clerics to fight against Nerull and the newly risen Undead Host. After the first generation of Paladins and Clerics were trained, Pellor became worshiped by all of Man, and Man began to go on another course.

Ultimately the Battle of Akeroth would be ended by a Human Paladin of Pellor, named Ishar, who slew Nerulls’ Avatar, the Crimson King, and ended the Battle of Akeroth. Ishar took up the Mantle of the Crimson King and sealed himself under the Ebon Hold in the Ebon Citadel inside an icy tomb.

Since the Battle for Akeroth, Man has become a major fixture amongst the scene of Akeroth. Today Man is now the most populous of all the races of Akeroth and play a major role in all aspects of life for the denizens of Akeroth, from War to Trade to Religion.

Personality: Humans are the most adaptable, flexible, and ambitious people among the common races. They are diverse in their tastes, morals, customs, and habits. Other races accuse Humans of having little respect for history, but this is natural as Humans with their short lifespans and constantly changing cultures, would have a shorter collective memory than Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, or Halflings.

Physical Description: Humans typically stand from 5 ft to 6 ft tall and weigh from 125-250 lbs, with men noticeably taller and heavier than women. Because of their penchant for migration and conquest, and to their short life spans, humans are the most physically diverse of the common races. Their skin shades range from dark to pale, their hair black to blond (curly, kinky, straight), and their facial hair (men) from sparse to thick. Plenty of Humans have some non-human blood in them, showing hints of Elven, Dwarven or Orcish traits. Members of this race are also ostentatious or unorthodox in their grooming and dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, body piercings, and the like. Humans have a relatively short life span in comparison with the other races, reaching adulthood at around age 15, and rarely living even a single century.

There are three types of Humans, these are as followed;

First Men | Other Men | Mixed Men

Relations: Just as readily as they mix with each other, Humans mix with members of other races (however ancient animosity is held about humans regarding The Great Deceit), being considered “everyone’s second-best friends.” Humans serve as ambassadors, diplomats, magistrates, merchants, and functionaries of all types.

Alignment: Humans because of their sheer diversity, and ability to decide for themselves (versus deciding)

Human Regions & Lands;
Elwynn | Westfall | Redridge | Loch Modain | Dun Morgaine | Avaros | Tavarith | Shuranti | Steppess | Alatia | Several unnamed Tribes in the Hinterlands | Ansurin & the Poli of Lake Patahgula | Landes | Reach (Region)

Humans by region:

Race (color/ nationality), Hair, Eyes

Elwynn ( Lorossians & Kythric): White, Brown-Black, Brown-Blue (no green)

Westfall ( Baklunish, Westfallen, Daan): Tan, Black (Coarse & Wavy), Brown-Green (no blue)

Loch Modain: Light Tan (Persian), Red-Brown-Black (Curly & Coarse), Green-Amber (No blue)

Dun Morgaine: Tan (Asiatic/ Tibetan), Black (Straight & Smooth), Brown

Alatia: Black (E. African), Black (Afro-like), Hazel

Tavarith: Tan (Arabic, Bedouin), Black (Curly), Brown-Green

Lous: Olive (Spanish or Greek), Black-Brown-Blond (no red. Curly), Brown-Amber-Blue (no green)

Shuranti ( Rauric, Shuran): White, Brown-Blond (no black or red), Blue-Brown (no green)

Steppes: Olive (Sicilian), Brown-Black (Curly), Brown

Andhilia: Olive (Aquitaine), Black (Wavy), Green

Touvic: Tan (Native), Black, Brown

Lendorian: White, Blond-Brown (Wavy), Blue

Ishtari: White, Blond, SIlver

Varrangoin: Olive (Aquitaine), Black (Curly), Green (no blue)


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