The Ishtari are the descendants of the Ishtarin peoples who lived in surrounding nations outside of Ishtar, namely Reach (as all the other nations north of Reach became The Desolation). They have lived for hundreds of years as refugees in a land that will never be theirs.

The Ishtari are quite unique being the only exiled Human ethnic group on Akeroth (and more specifically Kul’Adar). The Ishtari are darker skinned resembling an almost bronze appearance, they stand moderately tall averaging 5’4"-5’8", their hair color varies greatly, however, they all have the same eye color, a haunting shade of silver. The Ishtari are renowned for their worldliness (exemplifying their society from before the cataclysm) with most Ishtari knowing 5-7 languages. The ishtari speak their own language called “Ishtarin”, for most it is too complex to even attempt to comprehend, yet alone speak, and those who do learn it (and are not native speakers) are said to speak with an accent that sounds “as if they had a fish in their mouth as they spoke”

Due to their status as “exiles” or “refugees” they have typically taken up roles as craftsmen to make themselves useful regardless of where they are, this ability has allowed the creation of what the Riedrans call the Ghetti (equivocal to a ghetto), or ethnic neighborhoods occupied almost entirely by Ishtari.

The Ishtari culture is closely akin to a Greeco-Hebrew mix regarding customs, rituals, pronunciations, names, etc.


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