The Kender are one of the original Races native to Akeroth and it is suspected that the Kender may have been the first race created.


The Kender of today are extremely different from the Kender of the past, as the Kender have suffered greatly by the hands of many. The Original Kender were wise, cunning, brave and selfless, however this would all change after 2A.

In 2A the Olfgarin Dwarves digging greedily ever deeper ultimately released numerous Devils and other creatures from the Countless Hells. The Dwarves attempted to hold back the Devils, however, the Dwarves were pushed from their cities and forced to hold the Devils at bay within their own gates. The Dwarves fearful they will not be able to hold the gates send out a call for the whole of Akeroth to exist them. In the end only the Gnomes, Kender and Halflings come as the rest of the world is embroiled in the Warring Times.

Together the four races do their best to hold back the Devils but it is to no avail and soon the four races sit down to come to an agreement. Together the four races present decide that one of them must sacrifice themselves to save the whole of Akeroth, and the Dwarves suggest pulling straws.

Without hesitation the representative of the Kender decides the Kender shall sacrifice themselves and so the preparations were made. After all was prepared the entirety of the Kender waited to be sacrificed, however, because of their selflessness they were not sacrificed, but instead only their wisdom was. WIth the Kenders’ sacrifice the second Apocalypse was ended.

In 5A as the Undead Host marched Southward from the Ebon Hold the Kender waited to fight for their lands with the defenders of Garem, but when the Host made landfall it quickly became apparent the Host could not be stopped. In the end the entirety of the Defenders of Garem were killed forcing the Kender to leave in a mass exodus and ultimately settle Kenderholm in Steppess. After the Defenders of Garem were slain the Host marched to the Beacon where they slaughtered the last of the defenders and caused the Beacon of Light to explode, releasing an expulsion of Divine magic, forcing the Deities from Akeroth, and causing the Dark Times to begin.

Since 5A and the resettling of the Kender much has not changed for them with their child-like society running oddly efficiently, in recent times however much as changed with the introduction of the Nordrejur Plague on the scene of Steppess.

Kender Regions & Lands;
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