The Kythric people are First Men who ventured from the coast further in land between the Lorossians and Westfallen, inhabiting the hills of North and Western Elwynn and Southern Westfall. The Kythric people inhabit the kingdoms of Alania, Golbal, Hillsbrad, New Holm, and parts of the Sentinel Hill Alliance.

The Kythric worship Pellor, but many also worship Ehlonna almost in a syncratic state where-in Ehlonna is the Lover of Pellor and the two rule in a co-operative manner. This tradition rises from the use of horses among the Kythric, and many almost worship the horse as an avatar of Ehlonna. Among the Kythric when a horse dies it is buried and mourned.

The Kythric are a fierce group having dealt with Orcish raids from Orcanum since the First Men originally conquered these lands. In 8A during the Rise of Lok’Tar Ogar, the Kythric cities of Holmgarde and Galbor were razed and resettled by the Orcs as they made their way to Lordsport. because of this the Kythric have adopted a militant attitude, and many are capable of going to war within a moments notice. The Kythric people speak Kythric, a dialect of Common closely related to Lorossian.

The Kythric are very strong and uniform people having a hard lifestyle dominated by the Timber industry and defence. The Kythric are also quite renowned throughout Akeroth for their horse-riding abilities, and many Kythric have become Cavalry commanders of foreign nations.

The Kythric are similar to Cossacks in terms of Culture, Customs, Language, and Belief.



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