Lake Patahgula

Lake Patahgula is a massive body of water stretching over 700 miles at its widest. The Lake has been used for thousands of years as a trade super highway bringing goods from Ansurin through the Lake and to Karadania.

The Lake is surrounded by Andhilia to the North, Hildragr to the East, Steppes to the South, and the River Tazania to the West. The Lake is feed from a source that begins in the foothills of Hildragr, however, the exact source is unknown.

This Lake is home to many island-Cities (Poli) that were once apart of Ansurin, however, they are now under the control of Regeloth. These cities are numerous, but among them lay one legendary city, specifically Sarnath. While the Lake acts as a major means of trade and transportation this does not mean its completely safe.

The Regelothian Lake Navy patrols much of the Lake, however, on the Southern edge of the Lake Ansurins’ Navy can be found typically in a defensive position (the surprise attack by Regeloth in 7A, and subsequent defeat has kept the Ansuri ever vigilant).

The Lake with a view of Polaris

Lake Patahgula

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