Lous is a region that lay on cusp of the Falmar, directly opposite of Tavarith. To the East of Lous lay Westfall, to the South lay Olfgar, and to the West lay Garem.

Lous as a region is unified as vassal states under Tavarith, the exact date of Lous’ capitulation to Tavarith is unknown, however, some belief it happened after 5A. The area of Lous, in comparison to Tavarith, is a sprawling green landscape that escaped the devastation of Tavarith during 8A.

In 11A, the princes of Lous attacked Westfall, after a section of Westfall was taken by the Republics of Redridge during the Grain Wars. This dual (and later triple) invasion prompted the Barons of Westfall to join together and form the Sentinel Hill Alliance. First the Republics were forced out, but together Elwynn and Lous (operating jointly, but not cooperatively) kept the Grain Wars going for another four years. After the signing of the Sentinel Hill Accord, the Alliance and Tavarith created a trade agreement that ultimately forced great repercussions onto the Lousin (for their part in the War).

Since the signing of the Trade agreement between Tavarith and the Alliance, Lous has been subjected to abhorrent taxation, occupation, re-education, and genocide. Because of Tavarith’s actions, many of the Lousin, loathe the Tavar, and a growing movement among the Lousin has almost given rise to a full blown rebellion.

Lous is composed of eight Principalities, these are as followed;

Corins’ Cross | Aspenwood | Crows Point | Xaranth | Becca | Valderin’s Gate | Peynol | Ward | Renfall


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